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Fri 20 September 19:00 – Sun 22 September 12:00 / MEDEA
Sun 22 September / 14:00–16:00 / Inkonst Klubben

What can be accomplished if a filmmaker, a digital concept developer and a game designer spend a weekend together? Nordisk Panorama gathers 6 teams, who will work together creating a concept and the first live version of selected filmmakers’ ideas for a digital productions to engage audiences in different social issues.

The hackathon philosophy stems from the world of IT and start-ups, where programmers meet and ‘hack’ their ideas and projects  – i.e. create temporary solutions and demos – to explore and test their viability.

The six teams will work in a closed workshop, but results will be presented to the public at Inkonst Klubben on Sunday. Don’t miss it!


Between Us

Charlotte Røhder Tvedt / Medieoperatørene (NO)

The project aims to mobilize young adults all over Norway to take part in a user-generated documentary project which explores national identity. The context for the project is the bicentenary of the Norwegian constitution in 2014. The team wishes to develop a genuinely interactive experience giving users a sense of transparency and ownership. 

A Collective Crystal Ball

Vesa Kantola (FI)

The project invites audiences to discuss the future and solve actual social problems using methods from Live Action Role Play Games (LARPs). The project wants to explore how one can provide new political spaces for citizens by building “Scenario LARPs” in a digital sphere.

I Want to be Weird

Adrienne Grierson / Brynja Dogg Fridriksdottir / Gold Halo (IS)

The project invites users to be part of visual artist Kitty von Sometime’s project ‘I Want to be Weird’. Kitty wants to create positive change to local and global social issues and the project wishes to explore how one can engage digital audiences in issues like Identity, Femininity and Equality through the use of the Arts.


Joakim Karlsen (NO)

The project invites international researchers to gather and share their work on three global crises – climate, economy and culture – engaging with audiences along the way. The project wants to explore the production of a web application and planning a strategy for the social media presence during the Hackathon.

Stories from the Debris

Jennifer Rainsford (SE)

A project on the stories about the debris from the Japan 2011 tsunami that is slowly moving across the Pacific ocean to land in tonnes on Hawaii and the North American west coast. The project wishes to explore different ways of telling stories from the three coasts involved.

The Dance of Transportation

Line K. Lyngstadaas / Medieoperatørene (NO)

The project centers around artist and dancer Martin Slaatto’s work to challenge our physical illiteracy and change our lives through play and movement. Using Martins 20 playing cards depicting various unusual maneuvers and dance moves, the project wants to explore ways of engaging audiences in “The Dance of Transportation” by means of an app or online platform.


The NP Hackathon is supported by: Nordisk Kulturfond, MEDEA, Boost HBG and Kulturkraft Syd.

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