Biophilia Film Screenings and Creative Workshop

Take the chance to develop your musical imagination inspired by the structures and phenomena of the natural world. This year’s Nordisk Panorama invites you to take part in a specially designed 2-hour interactive Biophilia workshop to explore your own creativity with other festival participants.  The Icelandic musician, visual artist and educator Curver Thoroddsen lead the workshop.

Biophilia is a multi-media project created by the icelandic musician Björk,  comprising a studio album, an app album for ipad & android, a live tour featuring custom-made instruments and educational workshops. The project was collaboration between Björk, the City of Reykjavík and the University of Iceland in connection with the release of the Biophilia album. The app album was the first of its kind – a fully interactive and educational entity to accompany the album, where each song is represented by its own touchscreen app.


Mon 21 Sept / 15.00 / Barnens Scen / Free entrance (sign up HERE)


Tue 22 Sept / 15.00 / Barnens Scen / Free entrance (sign up HERE)


The Biophilia Educational Project aims to inspire children to explore their own creativity, while learning about music, nature and science through new technologies. Participants acquire the skills to develop their musical imagination, to push their creative boundaries and make music in an impulsive and responsive way, inspired by the structures and phenomena of the natural world.

Curver Thoroddsen was the program director for Björk’s Biophilia Educational Program during her three-year world tour and ran workshops at the Biophilia City residencies. He has taught numerous sound art courses and workshops over the last decade in Iceland, most notably at the Iceland Academy of The Arts and the Lunga School. Curver holds a MFA-degree in fine arts from the Schools of Visual Arts in New York and is a recipient of the Svavar Guðnason and Ásta Eríksdóttir Memorial Award. Curver is a member of critically acclaimed experimental band Ghostigital.

The workshop is open for the festival and participants of all ages, this is an open workshop in a series of six, the remaining workshops will be in collaboration with schools and youths in Malmö.


When Björk met Attenborough / Sat 19 sept 16.00 / Spegeln,
Björk: Biophilia Live / Sat 19 sept 18.00 / Spegeln B

Connected to the Biophilia workshops are also the screenings of Biophilia Live and When Björk Met Attenborough. Come and enjoy the films at the fabulous Spegeln cinema while having dinner or enjoying a drink!

More info about Biophilia Educational project

In collaboration with: Barnkulturenheten