Hackathon Prototype Receives Grant

Divine Consultants, one of two film projects selected for the Nordisk Panorama Hackathon 2014, was recently rewarded with a development grant from Finnish AVEK Digidemo to continue to develop the game prototype.

Finnish designer and filmmaker Juha Filin joined the Hackathon together with producer Markku Tuurna to develop prototypes for games, digital and live experiences for the fictional universe of Divine Consultants. We asked Juha some questions about his experience of participating in the Hackathon, and what he gained from the process:

What attracted you to join the Hackathon? 
I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to work with people from different fields and to expand the project into something else. As the project owner, I can still decide what I want to take with me from the experience and continue to develop.

How did you experience the Hackathon process?
Very interesting. Beforehand, I thought the teams would need more structure and information to start working on the projects, but I soon realized how well things evolved naturally.

What was the benefit from the Hackathon, compared to other workshops you’ve participated in? 
The Hackathon is multidisciplinary. The criteria and ways to look at a project in a multidisciplinary group is very different from a group with specialists from one area.

What were the main results from the Hackathon?
For me, the Hackathon had four different benefits:
1) I learned how differently people see my project
2) To understand the strengths and weaknesses of my project
3) The emergence of three different ideas / prototypes that all had a potential to be realised
4) The development of two specific game prototypes that made me want to continue developing a game concept around my project.

– I continued to develop my teams’ concept. Having my Game Concept Development application to AVEK Digidemo granted makes it possible for me to continue working on the Game Concept.

Divine Consultants is an animated short film project, based on a story of love and death. Hackathon facilitator Cecilie Stranger-Thorsen says Divine Consultants was an exciting project to include in the Hackathon, as the innovative storytelling potential of short films seldom are explored.

The project was selected for two important reasons: The open attitude of the filmmakers and the vast material of existing illustrations and animations allowing for a deep exploration of the universe. – We got a lot of nice projects for the Hackathon, and it was hard to choose, Cecilie comments, but the filmmakers open attitude is the most important thing for a successful process. The Hackathon is a space for exploring projects freely, to dream big and to benefit from others’ point of view.

Hopefully, the NP Hackathon returns in 2015 with a call for projects late spring. If you want to be kept in the loop, send us a note at hackathon@nordiskpanorama.com.
Follow the project at: facebook.com/DivineConsultants