dok.incubator at Nordisk Panorama Film Festival 2017

At Nordisk Panorama we are excited about our continued partnership with dok.incubator. In 2017, Nordisk Panorama Film Festival will host the final presentation of the films developed at dok.incubator 2017.

The 2017 project selection for dok.incubator includes two Nordic projects that made it through selection.
A big congratulations to Norwegian project Golden Dawn Girls by Håvard Bustnes and Swedish project Events in Ydre by Per Bifrost and Alexander Runéus.

dok.incubator is an organization specializing in supporting documentary projects in the rough-cut stage. During 3 workshops in April, June and September teams of producer-director-editor will focus the film’s topic and sharpen the storytelling, get a wider perspective to see the film in the international market and concrete tools to effectively approach their future audience.

During the workshop the teams work hard in the editing room, building a clever and tailor-made distribution plan and marketing strategy as well as meeting up with important international decision-makers, distributors, sales agents and festival programmers.

Nordic projects from the 2016 edition of dok.incubator include Sundance nominee The Good Postman, IDFA-competitor Venus, and Thank You For The Rain, which has been picked up by ARTE. Films developed at the workshop have appeared at Sundance, Locarno, Hot Docs, Nyon, Karlovy Vary, DOK Leipzig and finally IDFA.

The workshop is divided into three week-long residential sessions, out of which the last of the three will take place just before Nordisk Panorama Film Festival 2017. At Nordisk Panorama we look forward to hosting the final presentation of the films selected as a proud partner of dok.incubator. With the festival taking place 21-26 September 2017, the almost finished documentaries presented in Malmö will be able to meet the deadlines for IDFA, DOK Leipzig, the Berlinale and Sundance.


Two Nordic talents have been selected for the 2017 dok.incubator workshop

For the 2017 edition of dok.incubator eight projects have been selected out of 81 applications. 2 of the 8 selected projects are Nordic. The projects will now get their chance to go through the dok.incubator rough-cut stage workshop and be mentored by top European and US editors, producers, distributors and marketing experts such as Yael Bitton, Freddy Neumann, Sigrid Dyekjær among others.

The selected projects originate from all over the world and they cover a wide range of topics and genres. The complete list of selected projects is available on the dok.incubator website. You can read about the 2 Nordic projects here:

The Norwegian project Golden Dawn Girls by Håvard Bustnes shows how representatives of Greece’s third largest political party get thrown in jail for allegedly leading a criminal organization and we get to follow what happens to their family members and to the organization itself.


The Swedish project Events in Ydre by Per Bifrost and Alexander Runéus tells a story of one of Sweden’s smallest rural municipalities and a way of life that is threatened by depopulation. What are the ways to secure the survival of communities in the Swedish countryside when facing urbanization?