Cocktail Cinema

8 o’clock is cocktail hour! Every night from Saturday to Monday we invite you to Nordisk Panorama’s own Cocktail Cinema. Here we will present one of our high profile competition films at Inkonst Blackbox. The bar will be open before the screening at 20.00 so make sure to arrive early to have time to buy a drink. And of course you can take your drinks with you into the cinema!


Out of Thin Air

In the early 1970s, Iceland was considered an idyllic place. Crime was rare, murder even rarer. Then two men disappeared under suspicious circumstances. Foul play was suspected. The country demanded the crime be solved, and the police launched the biggest criminal investigation Iceland had ever seen. Finally, six people confessed to two violent murders and were sent to prison. It seemed that the nightmare was over. But in many ways the nightmare had just begun.