Exhibition: Bird Requiem – Malmö Premiere

21 Sept- 26 Sept 2017
Inkonst, NP Hangout

Open daily. Free entrance

Nordisk Panorama is proud to present Bird Requiem, Syrian artist Alqumit Alhamad’s first solo exhibition in Malmö.

Building on personal experiences, Alhamad’s work focuses on the psychological and mental effects of war. First hand experience of war and violence in Syria has profoundly influenced the style of the artist, adding a strong notion of symbolism to his work, while still connecting to the stark reality of the world we live in.

Everything seen in the paintings have been seen by the artist before either visually or emotionally, and the work has been a central part of Alhamad’s healing process.

Alhamad’s art portraits the victims of war as brave, empowered, gentle and loved. It shows us that those suffering from war should not be diminished or victimized, rather seen as breathing and feeling agents, just like us.


More information about the artist

Facebook art page : Alqumit Alhamad Art
Instagram: Alqumit Alhamad
email: aalqumit@gmail.com