RåFILM presents: Filmmakers of Resistance from Africas Last Colony

No journalists are allowed to enter occupied Western Sahara. The only images that find their way out of the territory are filmed in secret by video activists hiding on rooftops and risking extremely serious consequences. Equipe Media, from the occupied territory, and Saharawi Voice, from the refugee camps in the Algerian desert, will speak about the different realities they face as filmmakers, the collective strategies they employ to work under brutal censorship and the importance of filmmaking in the camps.

The event includes videoclips from Saharawi Voice and the new short documentary “3 Stolen Cameras”, made by Equipe Media and RåFILM.

Alex Veitch & Anna Klara Åhrén, from The Swedish filmmakers’ collective RåFILM, which works on documentary projects together with the two groups.
Ahmed Ettanji, Equipe Media
Mohamed Mayara, Equipe Media
Mohamedsalem Werad, Saharawi Voice
Brahim Ali, Saharawi Voice