Journalists Who Speak of Fire and Bullets

What difficulties do war journalists face in presenting a trustworthy first hand narration of war? This session is a conversation with Syrian journalist Ali Alibrahim and Afghani war correspondent Abdulwali Arian about the opportunities and conditions for independent journalism in a war zone.

The event includes a screening of “One day in Aleppo” by Ali Alibrahim (25 mins) and two short documentaries made by Abdulwali Arian, “Home of War: ‘Helmand’” and “Kabul’s Growing Wealth Gap” (20 mins).

In collaboration with Fristadsprogrammet Malmö and Jönköping.

Moderator: Hanen Shakrah, Sweden

Ali Alibrahim is a Syrian journalist, writer and documentary filmmaker.
He has worked as a video journalist and reporter for a number of Syrian TV channels and newspapers, reporting on the conflict in the country.
Alibrahim is Managing Editor of SIRAJ – the first Syrian media group for investigative journalism – and has presented workshops for Syrian journalists within the field of documentary filmmaking and investigative journalism.
“One day in Aleppo” received a Mention Speciale at the 2017 Visions du Réel film festival in Switzerland.

Abdulwali Arian is an award-winning young journalist. He graduated with a degree in Journalism from Kabul University in 2007, and has worked for several large Afghan media houses including Kabul-based Tolo TV – part of the MOBY group – and 1TV, where his reporting has focused on producing documentaries, investigative reports and features focusing on conflict and politics.
Abdulwali Arian is the recipient of at least four awards for his journalistic work.

“One day in Aleppo”: The film documents how people survive and continue their lives even under siege. With more than 280,000 civilians trapped by the siege imposed by the Syrian regime and Russian forces, Aleppo is a devastated city with no food, no fuel, no water, no place to bury the dead and nowhere to treat the wounded.
Thousands of those under siege express their hope though everyday actions, such as small groups of children painting and drawing.

Two documentary film reports from Afghanistan:
“Home of War: ‘Helmand’”, in which war correspondent Abdul Wali Arian visits the front lines of the battle between army and Taliban forces.
“Kabul’s Growing Wealth Gap”: Battles have made many people displaced and homeless. Wali Arian depicts the status of a family as a result of the Taliban wars in Kunduz.

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