Looking East – Co-Producing with South Korea

Co-production between South Korea and the Nordic countries? At first it might seem like a far-fetched scenario. But a couple of successful documentaries and some projects currently in development are based on co-productions between South Korea and the Nordic countries.

During this session we will highlight the significant creative and financial possibilities represented by bringing South Korean and Nordic producers together. We will examine a completed documentary and a project nearing completion but also leave time for a general discussion about co-production opportunities and challenges when it comes to making documentaries with South Korea.

This session is also a way of looking forward to 2018, when a South Korean delegation will participate in NP Forum.

Liisa Karpo, napafilms (Finland)
Julie Rix Bomholt, Waleciak Film (Denmark)
Seokpil Kang, Incheon Film Commission and Docsport Incheon (South Korea)

Cecilie Bolvinkel, EDN (Denmark)