Nordic Nights: Sonica Sequence Concert

We are joining forces with our friends at Grand Öl & Mat to bring you three nights with a Nordic flavour during this year’s festival weekend. The club and restaurant will be filled with Nordic music every night and will give you the opportunity to shake you legs, still your thirst and give that extra party dimension to your festival experience.


Following the premiere of the Sonica Sequence documentary, directors Lisa and Pether present the Sonica Sequence live audio-visual performance in the bar at Grand Mat & Öl. Take the chance to experience a unique improvised cinematic session with guests; a rare and one-of-a-kind encounter between sonic worlds.

Stay tuned for more detailed information on artists performing and what will be going on during the individual night on web, app and social media.

Make sure to join us for drinks and networking with filmmakers and festival goers!
Free entrance!