Short Film Sunday @Spegeln

Do you think you can cope with 34 short films in 14 hours?

We focus on the films you never get to see: the wonderful stories and original expressions of our short film selection. We screen all of our six competition short film programmes from Best Nordic Short and New Nordic Voices in a marathon experience, expertly guided by our short film programmer Sam Groves. During the day there will be Q&A sessions with filmmakers, competitions and quizzes, so don’t miss out on this incredibly intense experience.

If you don’t have a festival pass or accreditation, make sure you buy our special Short Film pass, which is eligible for all six short film screenings at Spegeln on Sunday.

You are welcome to buy THE SUNDAY SHORT FILM PASS (125 SEK). It is valid for all short film programmes at Cinema Spegeln on 24 September and available at

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All the Films


Sound It Out 10.00-11.50

Come in, sit down and listen carefully, because these seven short films have a sonic thread tying them together. To describe just three of them, we recommend that you don’t miss Niki Lindroth von Bahr’s animated festival hit “The Burden” – the dancing rodents alone are worth the ticket price! Meanwhile, Jesper Dalgaard’s “Übermensch” documents the heart-warming story of two young men as they prepare to perform their first goth rock gig, and the filmmakers who brought you “Ten Metre Tower” take us behind the scenes of a TV news studio.

Programmer’s note: True craftsmanship, a bagful of laughs and loads of foot-tapping. Cinema for the ear.

This Film Package features:
Arr. for a Scene
Because the World Never Stops
The World
The Burden
Natural Disasters
Sore Eyes for Infinity

Too Much Information 12.30-14.30

Good comedic films are notoriously rare, but this programme of 8 short films contains some great examples that are guaranteed to provide a laugh or two. And while humour is present throughout, serious themes are explored that could be relevant to any of us. Such as what to do when a group of sex cult devil worshippers moves into your apartment block, and what to say when your best friend starts telling you about her problems with her vagina.
Programmer’s note: Funny stuff, with some out-there animation and a Finnish crowd-pleaser about a sex cult.

This Film Package features:
Angry Hamster
The Ceiling
Social Connection
Wide Sargasso Sea
Meaningless Conversations in Beautiful Environments
Fucking Bunnies

Family Matters 15.00-16.50

They say that blood is thicker than water, but what happens when family members push you to the edge, disappear without warning or make annoying decisions that you simply can’t ignore?

Exploring how younger children idolise their elder siblings, the hazards of running a business with family and the emptiness felt when a loved one is lost, this programme examines the unbreakable bonds between brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers.

Programmer’s note: Art direction at its very best, some brilliant script work and a heart-wrenching documentary.

This Film Package features:
A Family Business
My Gay Sister
I’m Free

Chaos Theory 17.30-19.15

From time to time we make spontaneous decisions that alter the courses of our lives – and those of other people – forever. Sometimes the consequences are positive… but sometimes they can be pretty disastrous. In all three of these films, adrenaline-fuelled decisions taken by key characters have unexpected results, and in some cases prove to be a choice between life and death.

Programmer’s note: Tense, thrilling stuff, with some terrifically engaging narratives.

This Film Package features:

I Will Always Love You, Conny

Dissenting voices 19.30-21.15

This programme of six short films explores conflict – large, small, internal and external – from battling your own inner fears to quarrelling with your neighbours. Using footage from inside Tampere Council House, “Taking the Floor” documents the debate surrounding the proposal to introduce trams to the city, with surprisingly humorous results. While emotions run high in “The Dog” when a passer-by witnesses the murder of a neighbour’s pet…

Programmer’s note: A roller coaster of emotions, and a refreshing mix of styles and techniques.

This Film Package features:
Nothing Happens
In a Few Years Everything Will be Different
Taking the Floor
The Dog

Enigmatic variations 22.00-23.45

Each of these seven short films is brilliantly accomplished and represents the scope of current cinematic vision in this part of the world.

Danish filmmaker Anita Beikpour’s documentary “Walk With Me”, about her grandfather’s suicide, is a touching portrait that plays with form and style; Heta Jäälinoja’s animated short film “Penelope”, about a frantic house cleaning session, is a joy to behold, and “Road 13”, by Paolo Iskra and Kim Sundbeck, is a superbly dark, anxiety-inducing drama.

Programmer’s note: The three Ds – diverse, daring and delicious.

This Film Package features:
Walk With Me
Fantasy on Sarabanda
When I Hear the Birds Sing
Road 13