People at the Festival

Sherin Khankan, the founder of one of the first mosques in Europe led by female imams, portrayed in The Reformist – a female imam, is attending the festival as well as participating in a Q&A after the screening on Friday together with director Marie Skovgaard. Sherin Khankan will be present in Malmö 20-21 sept.


The barber Qasim Ahmed, central figure in Q’s Barbershop is attending the 19 Sept Festival Opening. He will be present in Malmö 19-20 Sept. The director of the film Emil Langballe will also attend the festival and is participating in the Q&A-session following the 20 Sept screening of the film.


The Island duo Hugar is coming for a short stop at the festival! Through a series of impromptu sessions, Bergur Þórisson and Pétur Jónsson, the multi-instrumentalists responsible for the rich and dreamy sounds of Hugar, recorded and released their independent self-titled debut in 2014. The sweepingly multi-layered and ethereally ambient album quickly amassed an organic following of listeners and has since racked up over 30 million streams worldwide on Spotify alone. In addition to their new album Hugar have composed a score for the Islandic film The Vasulka Effect, premiering at Nordisk Panorama Film Festival 21 Sept. The duo will attend the premiere and perform some of the soundtrack live in conjunction with the premiere.

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The acclaimed artist Laura Horelli is attending the festival as director of the documentary Newstime. She has previously been working in Malmö with the project 712 Interviews (2005). Frieze Magazine wrote about Horelli’s work in 2011 that “The question of whether Horelli’s films ought rather be viewed on Channel 4 or Arte is pertinent. The artist consciously assumes the generic format of the television documentary – combining evidential photographic illustration with an explanatory voiceover – while deviating from it with abrupt silences and tangents of solipsistic reverie.“ Laura Horelli will participate in the Q&A-sessions following the 21 Sept and 23 Sept screenings of the film. Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in the conversation and ask your questions about the film directly to the filmmaker!

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Laura Horelli will also participate in the panel discussion Getting Creative With Archive at Scandic Triangeln 22 Sept 15:00.

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All directors with films in the competition programmes are going to be present in Malmö during the festivla, and are going to praticipate in Q&A-sessions following the screening of their films. If you wish to get into contact with the directors don’t hesitate to contact:


The programming team

Hussain Currimbhoy, Programmer, Sundance Film Festival, served as this year’s guest documentary programmer together with associate programmer Nadia Abraham, Festival Director, Faroe Islands International Minority Film Festival. The short film section was programmed by Sam Groves, Programmer, Flatpack Festival. The programmers are available for interviews during the festival.

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