JARS – an ironic posthipster popup at the cinema

JARS – popup eatery & bar, an ironic posthipster popup at the cinema, is coming to town. Popping up at Panora during film festival Nordisk Panorama 19-24 sept in collaboration with Malte Rohlin and Välfärden Kök & Kaffe.

“JARS is gonna be the heart of the Festival Centre at Panora. JARS is for the festival crowd as well as for the public. We are super excited about this collaboration with Välfärden and Panora” says Viktor Jepson, festival producer.

The good people of Malmö will find light food, snacks, drinks and cocktails at a bargain price. This is the place to hangout for a lunch before the festival screening or a quick snack before the evening cinema or to sit down with your friends and colleagues for a drink and chat about the festival films.

Salads, wraps, smoothies, soft drinks, beers, wines & cocktails are on the menu. And all food is served in jars! 

“The commons often refers to the wheel as the mother of inventions. They couldn’t be more wrong. Just stop and think about it for a while. Modern life on earth would not be possible if it weren’t for the jar. There are jars everywhere. Doing good for humanity. Wake up people.” says Malte Rohlin.

He is building an eight meters long bar of recycled wood for the event.

“A year ago, I started bringing home disposable pallets, cutting up and saving boards on high. I mean, why throw things like that away? Then I became completely into reclaimed wood art. You know when you’re completely hypnotized and can’t stop scrolling on Insta and Pinterest for weeks. So when Nordisk Panorama asked if Välfärden Kök & Kaffe wanted to run a pop-up service at the festival, I saw my chance to build that eight meter long bar counter with a pattern of rhombs that had only existed in my fantasy until then. When I’m done, I’m gonna have used about 100 pallets and 1500 rhombs! That’s a bit exaggerated for a five days pop-up, everyone tell me. But we’ll see. Maybe, maybe not … ” says Malte Rohlin.

Program på JARS under Nordisk Panorama Film festival 19-24 sept:

Torsdag 19 sept 18-20: Smygöppning! Läs mer här: https://www.facebook.com/events/662032037634165/

Fredag 20 sept: 
kl. 16-19 After Work
kl. 19-21 Filmmusikquiz med Valle Westesson
kl. 21-01 DJ Niklas Läder – Niklas gives you ”mingly” music to vibe to

Lördag 21 sept:
kl. 21-01: DJ Matilda Lind – Matilda Lind is one half of FLAKY and has been active on the Malmö DJ scene since 2014. Her mixes are grounded in hiphop, but in a combination with funk, house and future beats. On this special occasion at Nordisk Panorama, Matilda will provide us with the above mentioned musical ingredients, but in a lounge setting.

Söndag 22 sept:
kl. 18-22: Matilda Bogren – Matilda plays noisepop, synthpop and indiepop, mixed together in a great pop package.

Mer info: https://www.facebook.com/events/686085371859268/

Mer info om JARS: https://www.facebook.com/jars.popup/