NP Forum Outreach Clinic

Mon 23 – Tues 24 Sept 14:00-18:00

To put a spotlight on different ways to get your film out there, we have invited campaign organiser Ben Kempas to the forum to share his experience.

Ben will host an outreach clinic during Monday & Tuesday’s afternoons where all forum participants are free to pop in for a talk about organising outreach campaigns, building communities and taking control of distribution.

Films Ben has worked this year include the record-breaking campaign around Die Kinder der Utopie (Children of Utopia) with 20,000 visitors on a single day of action in Germany, Free Trip to Egypt (consultancy and web platform), Another Paradise (social campaign around the Sheffield world premiere), and Nordisk Panorama favourite Once Aurora (outreach strategy development).

This is a great opportunity to get feedback for concrete projects and to be inspired. We strongly encourage forum participants to have a talk with Ben!

To book a meeting with Ben, please send an email indicating the title of your project and a short logline to forum assistant Zijiao Zhu no later than 4 September.