Goodbye Words

Jäähyväiset sanoille

Where do abandoned books go? A documentary short about books, cyclicality, and acceptance of death. The film muses on the traces we leave after us and offers consolation for the fear of insignificance.

This film is playing as part of Nordisk Panorama x Malmö Gallerihelg.

As part of this unique installation experience, we invite you to participate by bringing books you’d like to give away and uncover new literary gems to enrich your own collection.

See the film:

Goodbye Words

Thu-Fri/Mon-Tue 11-15, Sat-Sun 11-16

Malmö Konsthall

Premiere Status: Swedish
Country: Finland
Duration: 23′

Director(s): Laura Rantanen
Producer(s): Jenni Jauri
Script: Laura Rantanen
Cinematography: Iris Kärkkäinen
Editing: Heli Kota
Sound: Konsta Verta