Nordisk Panorama Film Festival continuously works to reduce its environmental impact. This Environmental Sustainability Policy formalizes our commitment. It is evolving regularly. All employees of Nordisk Panorama have a part to play in the bettering of the environment and in sustainable development at large.


Nordisk Panorama’s Objectives:

Environmental sustainability
  • To become a climate-neutral organization that chooses renewable energy types and takes environmental considerations into account when traveling and transporting goods.
  • To reduce the use of and risks with environmentally harmful substances and products.
  • To comply with current environmental laws and constantly improve our environmental work.
Social sustainability
  • To develop programme ideas that have a positive influence on environmental and social
Economic sustainability
  • To evaluate and be able to describe the environmental impact of any decision-making, planning, product selection, procurement, and evaluation.


As an event, Nordisk Panorama should contribute to the bettering of society and, whenever possible, address pronounced societal challenges. This also applies to the events/arrangements that are made year-round. Nordisk Panorama is and will be an even stronger sustainable festival in the Nordic region, with the goal of inspiring the next generation when it comes to social sustainability.


Internal & external 

Nordisk Panorama chooses, insofar as it is possible, only local partners to collaborate with. This is done to avoid the unnecessary transport of products and goods. Moreover, whenever possible, Nordisk Panorama’s print handling of films is 100% digitally handled to reduce unnecessary shipping and transport.

Nordisk Panorama strongly encourages guests and visitors to travel by train, bus, or bicycle to the festival, as opposed to by aircraft or car. In the instances where aircraft must be used as a means of transport, Nordisk Panorama recommends guests and visitors to choose companies that have climate-friendly policies.

During the festival days, the festival’s guests and visitors are recommended to go by bike or foot. In the instances where this is not possible, the festival recommends the best possible climate-safe alternatives.

For at least 50% of the staff’s business trips, we use either public transport or bicycles. In the instances where this is not possible, the best possible climate-safe alternatives are chosen.


2.1 Circular/recycled 

Nordisk Panorama avoids unnecessary purchases. We rent, borrow, and reuse whenever possible.

2.2 Ecolabel purchases

Whenever possible, all new purchases made must have an ecolabelling. Purchases include paper, printed materials, program catalogues, etc. Nordisk Panorama’s merchandising has, for instance, an ecolabel.


3.1 Food internal

At Nordisk Panorama’s office, organic food alternatives are chosen whenever possible – this includes, for instance, coffee and milk. All food that is served to staff and volunteers is either vegetarian or vegan, and, whenever possible, from local companies.

3.3 External food

When it comes to guest dinners arranged by Nordisk Panorama, the chosen restaurateur must be able to offer at least one vegetarian alternative and at least one vegan alternative. Whenever possible, the selected restaurateur must also choose organic and/or local ingredients.

3.4 Drinks internal & external 

Drinks served should, insofar as it is possible, be organic and/or local. This applies to non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. We also work actively to offer free tap water at our festival sites and encourage guests to bring their own bottles, otherwise providing sustainable cups for use. Similarly, coffee and tea should, whenever possible, be organic and fair trade, and milk organic. We also intend for beverages purchased to be organic and fair trade.


4.1 Internal 

Nordisk Panorama sorts waste at the source. Organic waste is sorted separately for composting.

4.2 External 

The waste that nevertheless arises must be sorted to at least 70% (by weight). This is a responsibility that we work toward together with our partners, due to the events being held at their arenas and spaces.

4.3 Disposable 

Insofar as it is possible, Nordisk Panorama avoids disposable material. Together with our partners, we have a dialogue about deposit systems, rent of glass and porcelain.


5.1 Recruitment 

Nordisk Panorama actively works toward diverse recruitment.

5.2 Communication 

This should permeate the communication surrounding the event.


6.1 Statutory laws

  1. Ensure equal recruitment processes.
  2. Ensure that the work environment in the organization is free from sexual harassment.
  3. Ensure that all employees, regardless of gender, have the same conditions to do their job in a good way.
  4. Ensure that everyone’s work is evaluated on the same grounds.
  5. Ensure that all employees have the same opportunity in terms of influence.
  6. Ensure that no one is disadvantaged concerning parental leave.

6.2 Communication 

This should permeate the communication surrounding the event.

6.3 Diversity and gender equality at our venues/arenas

Those who perform at our venues and arenas should represent a diverse range of people. Nordisk Panorama actively works toward diverse representation in the programming of our films, seminars, special events, music performances, etc. Nordisk Panorama also aims to provide a platform for young people to be seen and heard.


7.1 Accessibility for everyone 

Nordisk Panorama actively works toward the festival being accessible to all, which we realize through our collaborations and our selections of different premises. In the instances where this is not possible,  we work to find suitable solutions to ensure that everyone can partake in our events.

7.2 Accessibility for staff

Our workplaces must be accessible to all members of our staff. It must be possible, regardless of any physical disabilities, to be able to partake in our organization.


8.1 Statutory laws

We follow the established rules regarding working conditions and working hours.

8.2 Safety 

We provide the necessary safety-related equipment when needed. Before the festival, Nordisk Panorama also provides a security review with staff and volunteers with a security professional.

8.3 Recovery 

We work in a structured way to ensure that all staff members receive a moment of recovery after events/festivals. The structure must be in place before implementation.

8.4 Information

Nordisk Panorama staff must be well informed about the organization, their rights, the sustainability plan, etc. when starting their work.

Partners with Sustainable Outreach

City of Malmö

Region Skåne

Scandic Hotels

more to follow….