About Nordisk Panorama Film Festival

Nordisk Panorama Film Festival 2017 will take place between 21-26 September in Malmö, Sweden. During six days the festival venues as well as the streets gets filled with screenings and narratives from all over the world, seminars and business events alongside parties for young and old.

The festival is the biggest film festival for Nordic documentary and short films, and provides a unique platform for partaking films to be noticed and distributed around the world. Nordisk Panorama Film Festival does everything in its power to make sure that Malmö, by the midst of September, turns flourishing with festival spirit for all of those with either an interest in, curiosity for and profession in documentaries, short films and filmmaking.

The Nordisk Panorama Film Festival starts on Thursday 21 September with a major opening party, hobbyhorse events and the documentary “Hobbyhorse Revolution”. The festival runs for six days between 21-26 September in Malmö, and is an annual high point for short and documentary film lovers with a predilection for Nordic filmmakers. This year it starts with a Finnish hobbyhorse bang that will quite likely get audiences madly googling “hobbyhorse riding + make + malmö”.

There are many reasons to attend the festival besides catching as many as possible out of the over 100 films that will be screened during this years festival. Directors and filmmakers will be present in Malmö during the festival to participate in Q&A-sessions in and after the screening of their films. and the festival will offer thought-provoking seminars, talks, parties and master classes accessible for everyone. The festival also offer many business events specially designed for the 900 registered delegates from the documentary and short film business around the world.

The annual Nordisk Panorama Film Festival is hosted by the City of Malmö, Film i Skåne, and Nordisk Panorama. Since the start in 1990, the festival has been touring around the 5 Nordic countries. From 2013, however, the festival has been permanently located in Malmö – a city that has a big interest in and put a lot of effort into the film industry and is home to a big short and documentary film audience. The festival provides a unique opportunity to benchmark the Nordic short and documentary film scene, to network with the Nordic film industry, to watch films made by the most recognized Nordic film producers, and to discover new promising and aspiring Nordic talents.