Nordisk Panorama Workshops

Throughout the year Nordisk Panorama is hosting different workshops for Nordic producers and filmmakers.

The Doc Forward talent workshop comprise a two-part workshop focused on developing documentary projects for the international market, establishing contacts with Nordic colleagues, and networking between the participants and the Nordic financiers from film institutes and TV stations. Read more about Doc Forward here and don’t miss the deadline to apply with a project for the 2024 edition on 7 November 2023. Doc Forward is funded through generous support from DFI, SFI, NFI, and AVEK.

In 2019 we arranged a series of Impact workshops in the Nordic countries. The focus of the workshops was introducing the participants to impact production: central concepts, working tools and how to identify and work with relevant partners. Throughout the workshop the participants applied the tools to their own projects and thus started the work on their impact campaigns.

The first workshop, arranged in collaboration with DocPoint Impact, took place in Helsinki, Finland in February 2019, the second workshop was in Reykjavik, Iceland 18-20 June 2019 and the third will unfold in Oslo, 23-25 October, arranged in cooperation with NFI:LAB. All workshops were developed thanks to generous support by Nordisk Kulturfond.

Through these workshops we are very excited to have the chance to bring Nordisk Panorama to the Nordic countries on top of bringing all the Nordic countries to Nordisk Panorama.

Lea Maria Strandbæk Sørensen