30 Seconds to the Top

Nordisk Panorama Elevator Pitch

Can you pitch your film idea in 30 seconds?
Have you ever imagined being stuck in an elevator with a decision maker?


Nordisk Panorama’s Elevator Pitch is back! Take the chance to pitch to a decision maker on a 30 second elevator ride.

If you have a story in an early script stage or just an outline, you’ll be paired on an elevator ride together with a decision maker where you can take the opportunity to see if your idea can be told clear and concise in a short elevator ride. On the way up, it’s all about your idea. On the way down, it’s their turn to give feedback. Are you ready?

The pitch takes place during Nordisk Panorama Film Festival.

You can send your project info to Lukas Duncan and/or Bence Molnár by 5 August.

Information for submission
  • Title
  • Length
  • Synopsis
  • Team
  • Company
  • What stage is the project in?