Welcome to Nordisk Panorama Film Festival 2018


From the 20th to the 25th of September Malmö will be buzzing from the spirit of the most incredible film festival for Nordic documentaries and short fiction films.

Full programme and tickets release on Aug 20th!

We look forward to presenting a diverse film festival programme, with a multitude of the finest works created by Nordic filmmakers. Works that comment on the world we live in and open our eyes to horrendous conditions, conflicts or inequality that calls for action to create change. Others tell stories to create joy or reflection, or to resonate with us on a more personal level.

Nordisk Panorama is invested in creating a professional and collaborative environment where all kinds of people feel welcome to join in and have fun while embracing the new, the unexpected and the necessary.

The six-day programme contains a wide range of screened films mixed with numerous seminars, talks, exhibitions, pitches, meetings and parties taking place all over Malmö. The festival venues are filled with screenings and narratives from all over the world. Directors and filmmakers are present in Malmö during the festival to participate in Q&A-sessions in and after the screening of their films. And lots of registered delegates from the documentary and short film industry are mixed with a curious local audience interested in documentaries, short films and filmmaking. The 29th Nordisk Panorama Film Festival will be a blast!

A warm welcome to all of you!