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Join Nordisk Panorama as a Partner or Sponsor

Do you want your company to gain great exposure in Malmö, Sweden and the Nordic countries? And do you want to reach and connect with a wide and well-informed audience?

Then Nordisk Panorama Film Festival is the non-profit event to support, partner with and sponsor today!

We highly value and continuously seek collaboration and sponsorship with relevant partners on different levels ranging from main sponsors to sponsorships around single or several selected activities and products during the festival.

Our comprehensive marketing has excellent outreach, and we would love to engage in further conversations with you.

Co-Host a Happy Hour at Nordisk Panorama

We are continuing the success with our Nordisk Panorama Happy Hour at Grand Öl & Mat. This year we want to host it with YOU! Find out more here.

Contact us for more information:

Anita Reher, Executive Director
Tel: +45 6013 7513

Sigrid Bersmann

Sigrid Bersmann, Festival Producer
Tel: +46 735 084 240

(On paternity leave)
Viktor Jepson
, Festival Producer
Tel: +46 736 907 370