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Schools are in lockdown due to Corona, and ten-year-old Lilly is at home, taking care of her alcoholic mother. When the bad girl from class finds out, Lilly is afraid that her secret will be spread. But sometimes help comes from where you least expect it.

This film is playing as part of Imagination and Possibilities, Tickets are limited and only available for accredited guests.

See the film:

Imagination and Possibilities + Q&A

Thursday, September 21st, 9:15

Cinema Panora, Salon 1

Imagination and Possibilities + Q&A

Friday, September 22nd, 9:15

Cinema Panora, Salon 2

Competition: Young Nordic
Premiere Status: Swedish
Country: Norway
Duration: 10′

Director(s): Endre Lund Eriksen & Daniel Damm
Producer(s): Endre Lund Eriksen
Script: Endre Lund Eriksen
Animation: Damm Animation
Editing: Daniel Damm
Sound: Andreas Wangsbro