NPM Work-in-Progress 2023

Sunday 24 Sept, 13.00-17:30 CEST, Scandic Triangeln, Malmö & Online – Selected Market Guests Only

Giving nearly finished films the final push

Work-in-Progress presents 6 nearly finished documentary projects, almost ready to make it onto the world stage. The projects are presented to international and Nordic decision makers in a tailor made event, created to make sure that each project benefited the most from the presentation.

The presentations and consecutive one-to-one meetings take place at Nordisk Panorama Market on Sunday 24 September 2023.

The Work-in-Progress presentations follow up on former Nordisk Panorama Forum pitches and pitches at fora around the world. All projects presented are looking for a last push to be finalised, a sales agent/distributor or festival premiere.

For more information, contact Market Manager Maria Stoianova.


BEAST – Matter of Life

Director: Max Kestner Production Company: Bullitt Film Producer: Vibeke Vogel Country: Denmark, UK, Sweden

A personal investigation into what life really is. Through the globally disputed and emotional case concerning the culling of Marius the giraffe at Copenhagen Zoo, the film raises questions of what defines the human connection to other species? Why do certain lives seem to mean much more to us than others? How are the various life forms connected? What is a life?

With charm and humour, today’s leading researchers discuss these questions – and they don’t agree.

The Dialogue Police

Director: Susanna Edwards Production Company: Susanna Edwards AB Producer: Susanna Edwards Country: Sweden, Norway, Denmark

They fend for democracy and everyone’s right to freedom of speech with dialogue as their only weapon. We follow the Swedish Dialogue Police during an election campaign where several fateful issues are at stake: ongoing war, climate emergencies, economic inflation and Koran burnings. As the elections come to a close, a historic shift in Swedish politics has become fact

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Director: Audun Amundsen Production Company: GonzoDocs Producer: Audun Amundsen, Cameron Poole Country: Norway, Indonesia

A film about the murky world of money-making gurus online. Some people live in extravagant luxury, while others are lost in broken dreams. The Norwegian filmmaker Audun Amundsen looks behind the facade of their business while he tries to escape the 9-5 and join the new online riches. He spends thousands of dollars on online programs. What does it take to succeed?


Director: Maija Hirvonen Production Company: Mouka Filmi Producer: Juha Löppönen Country: Finland

Aida, a child on the autism spectrum, decides to fix the society’s structures that are making life difficult for children like her with the help of her mother and caregiver Johanna. Aida is determined to challenge existing norms and foster acceptance. But do the hard efforts of mother and daughter change the world before their strength runs out?

A New Kind of Wilderness

Director: Silje Evensmo Jacobsen Production Company: A5 Film  Producer: Mari Bakke Riise Country: Norway

In a forest in Norway, a family leads an isolated lifestyle, aiming to be wild and free. However, a tragic event changes everything. When the mother in the family dies, the father and his children must leave their paradise and are forced to adapt to modern society. An intimate story that issues on how we live our lives, care for our planet, our children, and navigate life after a significant loss.

The End of Quiet

Director: Kasper Bisgaard, Mikael Lypinski Production Company: Sonntag Pictures Producer: Sara Stockmann  Co-production: Picky Pictures Country: Denmark, Sweden

In Green Bank, West Virginia, a sensitive radio telescope captures sounds from space. Strict restrictions on cell phones, WiFi, and microwaves protect the observatory. Residents and scientists embrace silence, disconnected from constant connectivity. The film delves into this remote region, exploring the convergence of high-tech and low-tech under the telescope’s giant dish.