Speech Karaoke

By the fifth evening of our festival, you are bound to have seen some incredible films and unforgettable protagonists. Now it’s your turn to take centre stage!

Speech Karaoke is an exciting twist on the classic karaoke event, where instead of singing, you get the chance to deliver the most iconic speeches in your own voice – from powerful political manifestos to tear-jerking scenes from movies. 

Speech karaoke is hosted at Babel, a performance and film venue, and is in collaboration with Doc Lounge Malmö.

No tickets are required for this event.

Come to the event:

Speech Karaoke

Monday, 25 September, 20:45


Our Speech Karaoke event will be preceded by a showing at 19.00 of I Got Words, Runar Gundnason’s documentary portrait of rapping – it’s a story of the sound of words, their meanings and everything that happens in between.