An Example

Et eksempel: Dem på gulvet

In twenty fast-paced minutes in real time, nurse Emma arrives for her evening shift at a closed psychiatric facility. It’s a normal night: some colleagues are off sick, some patients are in distress. Emma and her co-workers have to be creative to get through the shift. But with too many patients and not enough hands, Emma realises that things could easily go badly wrong in the blink of an eye.

This film is playing as part of Beneath the Surface.

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Beneath the Surface + Q & A

Sunday, September 24th, 18:00

Cinema Panora, Salon 3

Competition: New Nordic Voice
Premiere Status: Swedish
Country: Denmark
Duration: 26′

Director(s): Selma Sunniva
Producer(s): Christian Lønhart
Script: Kristine Plechinger Tüchsen
Cinematography: Loui Ladegaard
Editing: Mikael Nørlund
Sound: Nora Øland