Nordisk Panorama Project Application

Project Submission Deadline: 20 May 2024


To be eligible the documentary project must:

  • qualify as an independent production
  • For Forum: qualify as a Nordic or Baltic production or part of the delegation (main production company)
    For Work in Progress: qualify as a Nordic production (main production company)
  • be supported with credible financial backing from a national, international or regional financier (producers’ and personal investment should be excluded)
  • be supported by a commissioning editor from a national or regional film fund or broadcaster, who has committed to be present to pitch the project along with the producer at NP Forum (recommended)
  • For Work in Progress: the project should have an intended premiere after Nordisk Panorama and be looking for sales agents, festival distribution, cinema distribution and/or sales


Before you begin, please have the following material ready for upload:

  • A pdf-file containing three A4 pages ready for print including:
    • a synopsis
    • a presentation of the production company, the producer and the director
    • a top line budget in EURO (summary budget with the main headings such as development, equipment, travel & accommodation, post production, music & archive etc.)
    • a financing plan in EURO (only if applying to Work in Progress)
    No page numbers, all three pages in one file
  • Trailer or clip to be presented to the selection committee. If the project is selected, the trailer/clip will be made available at Forum Online before the forum in order for decision-makers and experts to request meetings with projects of their choice. Max 3 minutes, English subtitles or English versioned, MP4, H264, 160 Kbps (stereo) / 48 kHz sample rate, 1920×1080, 25 fps, 1500 Kbit/s, optimized for web/streaming. Max. file size 100 MB. When following the specifications the file size is approx. 20-40 MB.
    If you have trouble getting the right trailer format, please see this guide.
  • For Work in Progress only: Link to a clip from the film of min. 10 minutes or more (Not trailer)
  • A still photo representing the project.
    jpeg, tiff or eps, 10 cm wide, 300 dpi, landscape
    NB: If selected the still photo and basic production information will be profiled on our website and potentially on our social medias. It is the production company’s (or person responsible for the submitted project) responsibility to have secured rights for the images submitted with the project application.
  • Cross-media/interactive description (1 page pdf) only applicable for cross-media documentary projects. The description must include:
    • Platform Strategy (e.g. tv/cinema, web, game, mobile, live event)
    • Interactive Elements
    • User Experience

The size of all the uploaded files is limited to a total of 200 MB (this includes PDF, trailer, still and if applicable cross-media/interactive description).

Please note: the form will not be saved before it is completed. Depending on the size of your uploads and your internet connection, the upload may take several minutes.

If your submission is successful, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Please review the Forum Guidelines before starting your application.
Please review the Work in Progress Guidelines before starting your application.

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