Nordisk Panorama 2020 Festival Programming Team

We are thrilled about this year’s programming team. Martijn te Pas, previous Senior Programmer at IDFA and Cecilia Lidin, Documentary Consultant at the Danish Film Institute will serve as this year’s guest documentary programmers. The short film section will be programmed by Sam Groves and Lucile Bourliaud, both from Flatpack Festival.

Martijn te Pas will bring his international perspective to the selection of documentary films for Nordisk Panorama while Cecilia Lidin knows the Nordic countries like her back pocket. We are also excited that Sam Groves will again be programming our short film section since he has a proven record of finding short films that push the boundaries of storytelling. This year he will be accompanied by his colleague at Flackpack Festival, Lucile Bourliaud.

Martijn te Pas

Martijn te Passtudied Psychology, English and completed Film & Television Studies at the University of Amsterdam. He was part of the program department of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) from 2000 to 2019. As senior programmer he was responsible for doing research activities for regular and focus programs, maintaining an extensive network of film professionals and the selection and programming of films.

He is an advisor for the IDFA Bertha Fund and reads projects for the IDFA Forum. Between 2000 and 2019 he traveled to many film festivals – often as a juror. Before IDFA he was a producer for Waterland Film & TV. Martijn also was a documentary advisor of the Dutch Mediafund between 2007 and 2013 – providing grants to encourage the development and production of cultural radio and television programs.

Martijn is currently based in Stockholm.

Cecilia Lidin

With a background in film studies at the University of Copenhagen and UC Berkeley, finalized with a thesis on the ethical dilemmas of documentary filmmaking, Cecilia Lidin has for the past 20+ years worked with the development and financing of documentaries in different capacities. As loans officer in the first MEDIA programmes office DOCUMENTARY, followed by promoting Nordic shorts and documentaries at Filmkontakt Nord – and at the European Documentary Network responsible for the development of numerous international co-production workshops, and working as tutor as well as moderator for both internal and external pitching events.

Between 2006 and 2009 Cecilia Lidin was the Artistic Director of Odense International film Festival, and in 2009 she took over as Head of EDN together with Hanne Skjødt, a position she held until she left to become Film Commissioner for Documentaries at the Swedish Film Institute in 2011. After finalizing this position, she was in 2015 appointed as Film Commissioner for Documentaries at the Danish Film Institute, a position she holds at present.

Sam Groves

Sam Groves is the Head of Programme for one of the UK’s key cultural happenings, the Flatpack Festival in Birmingham, where he has been programming since 2011. Prior to that Sam founded KINO 10, a peripatetic short film exhibition company, and was the film programmer for the UK’s largest free arts festival Artsfest. Specialising in programming shorts, animation, experimental, live cinema, and AV performances, Sam has curated work all over the world including Germany, Estonia, Hong Kong, and Thailand. He has also recently become an Artist Adviser for Jerwood Arts in the UK.

Lucile Bourliaud

Lucile Bourliaud has been programming films for the past 7 years, collaborating with festivals in France, Quebec and the UK (including Lille International Short Film Festival and Regard Festival). In 2015 she joined the Flatpack Festival in Birmingham, where she now coordinates the short film competition. A short film enthusiast, she has written reviews and covered events for several websites and blogs. She also organises regular screenings in Tours, her hometown in France, showing shorts in bars, bookshops, and vans.