New Nordic Voice 

The New Nordic Voice competition introduces promising Nordic filmmakers. Their work has not previously been screened in the Nordisk Panorama Film Festival competition programme, and the selected films are among the first releases by the filmmaker. 

The cash award of 5.000 € is sponsored by AVEK and Film i Skåne.

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Selected Films


Calendar Girls, (Calendar Girls), Maria Loohufvud & Love Martinsen, 83 min, Sweden, USA, 2022.

Memory of Life, (Elämän muisti), Juhani Haukka, 46 min, Finland, 2022.

Moosa Lane, (Moosa Lane), Anita M. Hopland, 87 min, Denmark, Norway, 2022.

No Place Like Home, (Veien hjem), Emilie Beck, 70 min, Norway, 2022.

See Me As I Am, (Se mig som jeg er), Louise Leth, 71 min, Denmark, 2022.

The Scars of Ali Boulala, (The Scars of Ali Boulala), Max Eriksson, 107 min, Sweden, Norway, 2021.

Short Films

A Swedish Defence, (Försvar), Simon Elvås , 20 min, Sweden, 2021.

One Minute, (One Minute), Marcus Svanberg & Matilde Sköld , 9 min, Sweden, 2022.

Fardosa, (Fardosa), Iqlaas Osman & Anton Tammi & Rukia Mahamed, 11 min, Finland, UK, 2021.

Service, (Palvelus), Mikko Mäkelä, 15 min, Finland, 2022.

Hex(Hex), Katrín Helga Andrésdóttir , 15 min, Iceland, 2022.

Deloping, (Deloping), Jon Olav Stokke , 7 min, Norway, UK, 2021.

Habib & The Thief, (Habib & The Thief), Naures Sager , 15 min, Sweden, 2021.

Blue Note, (Blue Note), Pavel Andonov , 22 min, Finland, UK, 2022.

Amateur, (Amatør), Amalie Maria Nielsen , 12 min, Denmark, 2021.

Abyss, (Abyss), Jeppe Lange, 13 min, Denmark, 2022.