The Nordic Short Film Pitch

Saturday 18 Sept, Malmö, Invited Market Guests Only

The aim of The Nordic Short Film Pitch is to make short filmmakers from the Nordic countries meet, exchange experiences and find partners for potential future collaborations and co-productions. Simultaneously they meet international industry decision makers to expand their network.

The initiative is created in close co-operation with the short film commissioners at the Nordic film institutes and public service broadcasters and takes place during Nordisk Panorama Film Festival.

This year the Nordic Short Film Pitch welcomes a delegation from Poland with two projects selected to pitch along the Nordic projects.


Selected Projects 2021



Director SaraKlara Hellström Producer Lova Lilliemarck Production Company Verket Production Country Sweden

Räkan and Fabbe are bros for life! But when Räkan is forced to join a “girls party” with Fabbe, he suddenly feels alienated from the group. Fabbe disappears with his girlfriend and Räkan, who is left without his bro, for the first time gets to experience exclusion from a first-hand point of view. The girls at the party don’t seem to pay any attention to him and that makes him feel the urge to punish someone. Räkan grabs a beer and sprays it over a random girl’s top.

Fabbe finds out what happened, and throws Räkan out of the party. Meanwhile the girl tries to cover her exposed body. Räkan is now all by himself out in the cold, when he suddenly hears a noise. A group of guys are standing on a balcony shouting Räkans name. Räkan lifts his arms, as a sign of victory and a sign of his belonging with the group of men.

One Minute

Director & Producer Matilde Sköld & Marcus Svanberg  Production Company Bleck Film AB  Country Sweden

Amanda is helping Lauren move into a new apartment when they spot two girls waving to them from an apartment across the street. When they realize these girls are their doppelgangers, seemingly existing one minute ahead in time, the situation quickly goes from intriguing to terryfying.


Director Atli Brix Kamban & Søren Frederiksen Producer Pelle Folmer Production Company Asta Film Country Denmark

An animated short film that portrays the quiet, yet strangely beautiful life of Sofia; a woman whose mind was severely damaged during a troubled childbirth. The story is told by weaving different perspectives and metaphors together into a narrative flow that captures the life experience of Sofia and the people that surround her. The birth itself is told as an extended metaphor of a stork that is tragically caught in a tempest as it tries to bring the unborn Sofia to the right house.

The King and the Yellow Star

Director Thor Hampus Bank Producer Emil Johnsen Production Company GotFat Productions Country Denmark

All over the world, especially in America, the story of King Christian X’s heroic resistance to the Nazi persecution of Jews is well known; In October 1942, the Nazi grip on Denmark was tightened when the German occupying forces ordered all Danish Jews to wear a yellow Star of David. The following day, King Christian X rides on horseback into the streets of Copenhagen with a Star of David on his chest expressing sympathy with the Danish Jews, and thereby clearly protesting against the Germans’ persecution of the Jews. This act inspires the Danish people to follow the monarch’s example, and shortly after, the yellow stars spread in the streets of Copenhagen, forcing the Nazis to withdraw the order.

A Very Bad Night

Director Khadar Ayderus Ahmed Producer Danai Anagnostou Production Company Kenno Filmi Country Finland

ASAD, a 16 year-old Black boy with a speech disorder, is on his on his way home on a rainy night when his bicycle breaks down in the middle of a quiet highway. He stops and tries to fix it when a mysterious woman in a veil appears at the nearby stop. As she is waiting for the next bus, a drunk man appears and starts to harass her. Asad decides to help the woman and things take an unexpected turn.


Director Wille Hyvönen Producer Mika Ritalahti Production Company Silva Mysterium Country Finland

When her mother dies, Anna is forced to choose between finally revealing her deepest secret to the world or losing her true self forever.

Invasion of Nature (Innrás náttúrunnar)

Director Gunnur Martinsdóttir Schlüter Producer Sara Nassim & Rúnar Ingi Einarsson Country Iceland

A bird hits a Café window and creates a disrupt among its ́customers. A woman faces a decision on wether to ignore nature or to euthanise the bird.


Director Anna Ólafsdóttir  Producer Heidar Mar & Valentin Leblanc & Lea Ævars  Production Company Muninn Film, NyArk Media Country Iceland, France

In the not too distant future, climate change has caused 30% of all land to disappear under water. As a result, drastic changes have occurred in the political landscape in Europe where millions of people now live in great underground cities – only the wealthiest manage to live on the surface. In a search for a solution to her incurable illness, River (36) is referred to an institution on the surface that specializes in the controversial process of human euthanasia for profit.


Director Erik Sjølander Producer Fredrik Fottland Production Company  Expanse Country Norway

The film is about a deep-water fish, Blinky, and the life that awaits her in the darkness. Blinky is unlike her siblings, curious and slow and unwilling to follow their path. With a realistic look, it is based on actual locations and creatures.

Pearl Fishers

Director Pjotr Sapegin Producer: Merete Korsberg Production Company Krystallplaneten Country Norway

An opera, where abstract creatures in a surrealistic universe are entangled in an absurd venture. They will sing in German and French, change form, color and gender and they will grow feathers. Their universe will lose its balance and collapse, but will find a new equilibrium. All together we will end up where we did not expect to end. It will be a film about change.


Director Róza Duda, Michał Soja Producer: Aneta Zagórska, Robert Sow Production Company Krakow Animaton Center Country Poland

The 1920s, Gonáve, a small Haitian island in the Caribbean Sea. A colonial invasion is underway, a road is being built over the jungle, its construction taking a harsh toll among the local workers.

I Am Not Here Anymore

Director/Producer Nawojka Wierzbowska Country Poland

A story about a Grandfather who tries to leave his house after his death. Unfortunately, his family doesn’t want to believe he’s gone, and each time he runs away, they bring him back. They are able to do it mainly thanks to his very stinky feet. Finally, the family is visited by a special guest – Lady Death – who makes them understand that they have to let Grandpa go.