Doc Forward Projects 2022

DOC FORWARD is a project-driven co-production workshop for emerging Nordic documentary producers and directors, with a focus on nationally established and new talent directors with ambitions to go international in partnership with both new and more established producers. Read more about Doc Forward here.

The first part of the workshop will take place in Helsinki 4-6 April 2022.

Funded by:


All my kisses

Directors: Maja Bugge & Trine Berg
Producer: Signe Skov Thomsen
Production Company: Hansen & Pedersen

Dead Sun of Russia

Director: Sybilla Tuxen
Producer: Rikke Tambo Andersen
Production Company: Tambo Film

The Dangerous Age

Director: Christine Børge Albeck
Producers: Lise Saxtrup & Julia Mejnertsen
Production Company: Klassefilm


Director: Camilla Arlien
Producer: Mads-August Hertz
Production Company: Nordisk Film Spring


In a Box

Directors: Okku Nuutilainen & Liinu Grönlund
Producer: Juha Löppönen
Production Company: Tuffi Films


Director: Panu Suuronen
Producer: Sanna-Sisko Tohka
Production Company: Aito Media


How Music Plays Us

Director: Mats Andersen
Producer: Trude Refsahl
Production Company: Rebel Unit

In my fathers garden

Director: Benedicte Strand
Producer: Jon Jerstad
Production Company: Aranyani Film



Director: Victoria Verseau
Producer: Mónica Hernández Rejón
Production Company: Pråmfilm


Director: Gustav Littorin
Producers: Mario Adamson, Ashley Smith & Paulina Knobloch
Production Company: Sisyfos Film Production

Life After Ida

Director: Johanna Aust
Producer: Stefan Berg
Production Company: Masters of Reality


Director: Tova Mozard
Producer: Mirjam Gelhorn
Production Company: Mantaray Film