Nordisk Panorama Impact Workshops

Nordisk Panorama is arranging a series of impact workshops in the Nordic countries.

Some documentaries have a unique potential to make a necessary change in world. The scale of the change can be small or large. The important thing is, that a good film on an important subject based on solid Nordic values of democracy, freedom of speech and expression, equality of the sexes, etc. very often offers a unique quality and human angle to complex political and societal problems.

The power of high-quality storytelling combined with a sober and naked portrayal of reality is a very powerful tool to further societal changes. Developing an impact strategy to accompany the films distribution plan can activate the film as a tool to reach targeted audiences and create actual change. This is why Nordisk Panorama is arranging a series of impact workshops across the Nordic countries.

The focus of the workshops is to introduce the participants to impact production: central concepts, working tools and how to identify and work with relevant partners. Throughout the workshop the participants will apply the tools to their projects and thus start the work on their impact campaigns.

The first workshop, arranged in collaboration with DocPoint Impact, took place in Helsinki, Finland in February 2019. The second workshop was in Reykjavik, Iceland 18-20 June 2019. The next workshop coming up in Oslo, 23-25 Oktober is arranged in cooperation with NFI:LAB.


Lea Maria Strandbæk Sørensen         

Supported by:

Nordisk Kulturfond