Nordic Projects at IDFA Forum 2019



Art of Repression

by Estephan Wagner, Marianne Hougen-Moraga

A small German colony in Chile has transformed a grim, sectarian past
into a beautiful tourist resort. The filmmakers explore how the
inhabitants have developed different narratives in order to survive 45
years of traumas.

Presented at NP Forum 2018

The Daughter of Genghiz

by Christian Als, Kristoffer Juel

Gerel fight to restore the spirit of Genghis Khan. She is an ultra
nationalist, a shaman, gang leader and single mom. She wants to stop
corruption, pollution and exploitation.

I See for You

by Cille Hannibal

Most people have five senses. Peter only has three, having lost both his
sight and hearing as a newborn. His family must see and hear the
world for him.

Presented at NP Forum 2018


by Piotr Winiewicz

The world’s first artistic documentary made by a machine.

Moosa Lane

by Anita Mathal Hopland

This is a film about existing between two worlds – the West and the
East. It is a look into life as a Third Culture Kid.




by Tuija Halttunen

Clouds is a film of a Finnish scientist woman trying to create rain in
the United Arab Emirates.

Presented at NP Forum 2019



After Work

by Erik Gandini

Most jobs that exist today might disappear within decades. What will
this mean to us as human beings? Through four stories After Work
explores what may happen to us when we don’t work.

Merilin and Her Cousins

by Hanna Heilborn

Merilin is 5 years old and lives in a Milanese suburb. Some people call
her home a camp. But Merlin and her cousins call it the Village of

Presented at NP Forum 2019