Peter and Thea show up for the parent-teacher talk talk at their son’s kindergarten. They are met by their child’s teacher and two other employees. The kindergarten staff thinks the four-year-old’s behavior is not normal. Is it possible that their witty, imaginative little boy is actually a problem child?

This film is playing as part of Words Unspoken.

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Words Unspoken + Q&A

Friday, September 22nd, 15:30

Cinema Spegeln, Salon A

Words Unspoken + Q&A

Saturday, September 23rd, 10:00

Cinema Spegeln, Salon B

Competition: Best Nordic Short Film
Premiere Status: Swedish
Country: Norway
Duration: 20′

Director(s): Christoffer Lossius
Producer(s): Christoffer Lossius
Script: Christoffer Lossius
Cinematography: Espen Gulbrandsen
Editing: Christoffer Lossius
Sound: Preben Grieg-Halvorsen