In everyday life we ​​meet people who are invisible to us, extras in our lives. Mai Linn works as a porter at one of the biggest hospitals in Oslo. Because of her extreme shyness, her colleagues hardly notice her and take her for granted. She feels stagnant, a bit like moss.

This film is playing as part of Untangled Threads.

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Untangled Threads + Q&A

Friday, September 22nd, 18:00

Cinema Spegeln, Salon A

Untangled Threads + Q&A

Saturday, September 23rd, 18:30

Cinema Spegeln, Salon B

Competition: Best Nordic Short Film
Premiere Status: Swedish
Country: Norway
Duration: 16′

Director(s): Lisa Enes
Producer(s): Lisa Enes
Script: Lisa Enes
Cinematography: Alvilde Naterstad
Editing: Lisa Enes
Sound: Magnus Haukaas