Temporal Landscapes

We’re delighted to be setting up an installation at Graffiti Hangaren screening two short films by Finnish chaos animators Pink Twins. Their most recent film, The Transient sees garden plants come alive with both method and chance, captivating us with their mesmerising exponential multiplication. Whilst their 2021 short The Eternal distorts and transforms archetypal landscapes into psychedelic and harmonious panoramas. A hypnotic journey through time and space.

These films are playing as part of Nordisk Panorama x Malmö Gallerihelg.

See the films:

Temporal Landscapes

Fri 18-22, Sat – Sun 12-16

Urban Arts Hangar

Premiere Status: Swedish
Country: Finland
Duration: 15′, 11′

Director(s): Pink Twins
Producer(s): Pink Twins
Script: Pink Twins
Cinematography: Pink Twins
Editing: Pink Twins
Sound: Heikki Illikainen & Panu Johansson