The Shift


Milo lives in a home for young maladjusted girls. Staff employee Nicki is her only close relationship and supports her gender transition. But behind the thin walls of the institution, rumours swirl between the girls and one day Milo hears something she wishes she hadn’t.

This film is playing as part of the Library Programme: Young Hearts Can’t Always Run Free.

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Library Programme: Young Hearts Can’t Always Run Free

Thursday, September 21st – Tuesday, September 26th

Malmö City Library & Oxie Library

Premiere Status: Swedish
Country: Denmark
Duration: 19′

Director(s): Amalie Maria Nielsen
Producer(s): Emma Lind
Script: Oscar Anker Wiedemann & Amalie Maria Nielsen
Cinematography: Lina Elvekjær
Editing: Laura Andrea Friis-Rasmussen
Sound: Patrick Svaneberg Vejen