JARS – popup eatery & bar

JARS – an ironic posthipster popup at Cinema Panora. This is the place to hangout for a lunch before the festival screening or a quick snack before the evening cinema. Sit down with your friends and colleagues for a drink and chat about the festival films.

JARS is for the festival crowd as well as for the public. The good people of Malmö as well as our international guests will find good food, snacks, drinks and cocktails at a bargain price.

There is no spoon. All hail the mother of jars!

We serve everything in jars! The jar is our chosen container for higher enlightenment. Tasty food, simple servings.

All day

Salads, wraps, smoothies, soft drinks, beers, wines & cocktails.

Daily lunch


Dinner hours


Choose from four different casserole dishes from all over the world. With toppings and sides that makes the jars pop.

After work

Happy hours everyday 16:00-19:00.

Cocktails & well drinks 75 SEK
Beers 50 SEK
Wine 65 SEK

Thirsty Thursday

Sneaky opening for friends and extended family. Welcome and try out our concept. Prolonged happy hours, 16-21. Reservations via jars@valfarden.nu

Fresh Friday

Grand premiere night! with Movie Music Quiz. Bring your friends and form up the dream team (A Clue: someone from each of the last four decades + all genders).

Thrifty Tuesday

Lunch hours only. After a hectic weekend we expect to close down early.

Visit JARS on Facebook for the latest updates!

More info at: https://valfarden.nu/jars/


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