When the Trees Come

Þegar Trén Koma

In Iceland trees are starting to grow across the barren landscape as glaciers melt. Rumours spread among children that the trees are bringing back the werewolves. One night young Þröstur wakes up to find blood in the bedsheets of his 13-year-old sister. His own sister, a werewolf? Menstruation has a magic dimension, linked even to the burden of an unwanted responsibility: the changing climate.

This film is playing as part of Beneath the Surface.

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Beneath the Surface + Q & A

Sunday, September 24th, 18:00

Cinema Panora, Salon 3

Competition: New Nordic Voice
Premiere Status: Malmö
Country: Iceland, Germany
Duration: 15′

Director(s): Berglind þrastardóttir
Producer(s): Berglind þrastardóttir & Herta-Cristina Mirea & Jana Arnarsdóttir
Script: Berglind þrastardóttir
Cinematography: Alina Albrecht
Editing: Berglind þrastardóttir
Sound: Koenraad Ecker