A Study of Empathy

En Undersøgelse af Empati

Dana has been invited by art student Penelope to participate in a performance art project. They meet at Dana’s home, but what takes place is disturbing and confusing for Dana. She musters up courage to go to Penelope’s graduation exhibition.

This film is playing as part of Untangled Threads.

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Untangled Threads + Q&A

Friday, September 22nd, 18:00

Cinema Spegeln, Salon A

Untangled Threads + Q&A

Saturday, September 23rd, 18:30

Cinema Spegeln, Salon B

Competition: Best Nordic Short Film
Premiere Status: Nordic
Country: Denmark, Germany
Duration: 15′

Director(s): Hilke Rönnfeldt
Producer(s): Asbjørn Høgstad Kelstrup
Script: Hilke Rönnfeldt
Cinematography: Roxana Reiss
Editing: Josefine Svenningsen
Sound: Juuso Oksala