After Mourners


“My parents lost a child when I was three.” A film about the director’s family and the death of a small child. In this poetic short, blending live-action with pencil and charcoal animation, the parents talk of their loss. The director herself, now with two children, worries that grief might be hereditary.

This film is playing as part of Sifting Shadows.

See the film:

Sifting Shadows + Q&A

Sunday, September 24th, 18:00

Cinema Spegeln, Salon A

Sifting Shadows + Q&A

Saturday, September 23rd, 10:30

Cinema Spegeln, Salon C

Competition: Best Nordic Short Film
Premiere Status: Malmö
Country: Sweden
Duration: 25′

Director(s): Hanna Högstedt
Producer(s): Lovisa Charlier
Script: Hanna Högstedt
Cinematography: Hanna Högstedt
Editing: Hanna Högstedt
Sound: Jan Alvermark