Festival Week Coming up!

We’re so excited that the festival is finally coming together! In just a few days we look forward to welcoming you all to Malmö. Now it’s time to present this year’s juries and some of the highlights of this year’s festival programme!

Meet the Juries 2021

Jussi Rastas – Director and Cinematographer. Winner of New Nordic Voice Award 2020
Zane Balcus – Head of the Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries
Simon Kilmurry – Documentary Producer and Executive Producer

Short Film:
Gísli Darri Halldórsson – Director & Animator. Winner of Best Nordic Short Film Award 2020
Anne Geschütz – Festival Co-director at Filmfest Dresden
Daniel Ebner – Festival Director of Vienna Shorts

New Nordic Voice:
Jenni Kivistö – Director. Winner of New Nordic Voice Award 2020
Nora Tvedt – Director. Winner of New Nordic Voice Award 2020
Liisa Holmberg – Film Commissioner at the International Sámi Film Institute
Tue Steen Müller – Film Consultant / Film Critic

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Town Hall

Sunday 19 Sept, 17.30–19.00, Scandic Triangeln

In a collaboration with the Nordisk Film & TV Fond and their Audiovisual Collaborations initiative, we will gather key industry stakeholders in a Town Hall forum intended to address current obstacles and opportunities in the documentary industry.

Two case studies will be presented: Ove Rishøj Jensen from AutoImages will talk about the financing of the film Nelly & Nadine whereas Miia Haavisto from Tekele Productions will share distribution stories from the launch of Lost Boys.

The Town Hall will be kicked off with a keynote by documentary expert Simon Kilmurry, former head of International Documentary Association (IDA) and POV, a documentary strand on US public broadcasting.

We urge you to join the discussion!

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Who Has the Qualified Gaze?

In collaboration with OFF

Tuesday 21 Sept, 16.30–18.00, Scandic Triangeln.

Over the past decades, filmmakers, critics, and scholars have engaged in a complex debate in which questions of representation and identity, distribution, and funding are interconnected.

Financing and collaboration policies are being reformulated, and new opportunities for historically marginalised groups are being created. But issues of representation are still contentious questions within the film industry. How do we commit ourselves to expanding narratives and rethinking our goals, ethics, and agency as filmmakers?

We invite the audience to a conversation where we explore this debate from the perspective of both filmmakers and funding agencies.

The conversation will be moderated by Nadi Tofighian, researcher and lecturer at the Department of Media Studies at Stockholm University.

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Meaningful Fun Indie Games for the Heart

In collaboration with Game Habitat

Monday, 20 Sept, 16.00–18.00, Scandic Triangeln 

Bearing in mind that the gaming industry outperformed both movies and sports combined as the biggest money-maker in entertainment last year, many of us think of games as a uniquely commercial product.

But games are also a culture-bearing media with strong artistic qualities and a focus on important issues.

In this seminar we will introduce award winning games developed throughout the Nordic region, as a kind of public service art form – games created with an inspiring combination of taking a serious topic, based on reality, and creating a fictive universe in which the user is brought full circle into reality again as they become an active part of the story through the game.

Join us for an inspirational talk about the power and challenges of interactive storytelling, audience engagement and dealing with important issues in a playful way.

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Industry Accreditation

You can still get yourself an accreditation and join us on 16-21 September in Malmö.

The Industry accreditation gives you access to seminars and masterclasses, one-to-one meetings at NP Market (dependent on decision maker schedules), expert round tables at NP Market, 2021 digital festival film catalogue during the festival and 30 days after the festival.

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