Forum Programme 2017

Sunday 24 September

09:00-15:00   Producers Meet Producers, Amiralen (for selected producers)

13:30-14:30   Presentation of the Nordic film institutes, Amiralen

14:30-15:00   Presentation of the delegation’s production landscape, Amiralen

12:30-17:00   Pitch teams’ individual meetings with moderators, Amiralen

14:00-17:00   Trailer test for pitch teams, Amiralen

17:00-18:15   Looking East – Co-Producing with South Korea, Inkonst Klubbrummet

18:30-19:45   Meet the Decision-Makers of NP Forum, Grand Öl & Mat

20:00             Decision-Makers’ Dinner at SMAK (only with prior registration)

20:00             Joint Dinner at St. Markus Vinkällare (only with prior registration)


Monday 25 September

09:00-11:00   Welcome to Nordisk Panorama Forum at Amiralen

1st pitching session

Fat Front, Hansen & Pedersen Film og Fjernsyn
With Love, Auto Images AB
The Farmer and the Factory, Krumma Films
Everybody Loves Madeline, B-Reel
Club Colombia / Wildcard, Filmimaa Oy
Once Aurora, Flimmer Film AS


11:20-13:00  2nd pitching session

Lust, Indie Film AS
Sport’s Heart, Haslund / Dencik Entertainment ApS
Never Again, Tuffi Film Ltd.
Skype Story, Film Tower, Nafta Films
A Woman’s Voice / Wildcard, Diaspora Motion Pictures
Scandinavian Star, Danish Documentary


14:20-18:00   Individual meetings, pre-booked by the forum staff
18:00-20:00   NP Happy Hour


Tuesday 26 September

09:00-10:40   3rd pitching session

False Confessions, Good Company Pictures
Josefin & Florin, Mantaray Film AB
Swimming Pools / Wildcard, JKH Film Productions
What We Are, Bivrost Film & TV AS
Gabi, Engeli Film
A New Beginning / Wildcard, Larm Film


11:00-12:45   4th pitching session

Number 387 (previously The Watchmen), Little Big Story
Faith Can Move Mountains / Wildcard, Zacapa Film
Brides of Nepal, Icebreaker Productions
Family on the Run, Danish Documentary
The Men’s Choir, Fuglene AS
Hamada, Momento Film AB, Beauvoir Films, filmproduktions GmbH



14:00-17:40   Individual meetings, pre-booked by the forum staff
19:00-01:00   Closing of the 28th Nordisk Panorama