Producers Meet Producers

Sun 24 Sept 2017 / Amiralen

Nordisk Panorama Forum for Co-financing of Documentaries will kick off on Sunday morning with the networking event Producers Meet Producers, featuring snappy presentations, tailored match-making and round table discussions.

The event is designed to facilitate the efforts to find suitable co-production partners and form the bonds necessary to access funds across borders.

At this event, producers from the Nordic and Baltic countries as well as this year’s invited guest territory will get the chance to present themselves and their ambitions to each other in round table discussions around the challenges and best practices of documentary production and co-production.

Besides introducing themselves individually the delegation will outline their production landscape. In addition, the event will offer insight into the Nordic film institutes’ rules and requirements.

Producers accepted for Nordisk Panorama Forum as either pitch teams, observers+ or observers can sign up for the event when filling in the forum accreditation. In the event of too many applicants, a selection will be made.

We are looking forward to many good matches being made!



09:00  Welcome & introduction

09:30  Co-production round tables

10:45  Coffee break

11:15  Themed round tables

12:15  Lunch

13:30  Presentation of the Nordic film institutes (open to all forum participants)

14:30  Presentation of the delegation’s production landscape (open to all forum participants)

15:00  The end


Participating Producers

Danish Documentary Kirstine Barfod Denmark
Good Company Pictures Katrine A. Sahlstrøm Denmark
Hansen & Pedersen Film og Fjernsyn Malene Flindt Pedersen Denmark
Sonntag Pictures Sara Stockmann Denmark
Copenhagen Film Company / Short & Doc Ulrik Gutkin Denmark
Larm Film Søren Steen Jespersen Denmark
Kinoport Film Eero Talvistu Estonia
Danish Bear Productions Isabella Karhu Finland
Filmimaa Oy Markku Tuurna Finland
Illume Ltd. Pertti Veijalainen Finland
Tuffi Films Ltd. Elli Toivoniemi Finland
Zone2 Pictures Oy Marianne Mäkelä Finland
INA – Institut National de l’Audiovisuel Fabrice Blancho France
INA – Institut National de l’Audiovisuel Michèle Gautard France
KM Prod Jennifer Deschamps France
Les Films d’Ici Valérianne Boué France
Les Films d’un Jour Johanna Aygalenq-Tomaschewski France
Les films du balibari Estelle Robin You France
Little Big Story Valérie Montmartin France
Winds Barthélémy Fougea France
Yuzu Productions Fabrice Esteve France
Klipp Anna Thora Steinthorsdóttir Iceland
Krumma Films Hrafnhildur Gunnarsdóttir Iceland
Sagafilm Productions Margrét Jónasdóttir Iceland
Agitator AS Elin Sander Norway
Gaia Film AS Therese Naustdal Norway
Mechanix Film AS Hege Dehli Norway
Substans Film AS Kristian Mosvold Norway
B-Reel Cecilia Nessen Sweden
French Quarter Film Mathilde Dedye Sweden
HB PeÅ Holmquist Film PeÅ Holmquist Sweden
Mantaray Film AB Stina Gardell Sweden
Momento Film AB David Herdies Sweden
Freetownfilms AB Farima Karimi Sweden