Forum Projects 2020

Projects Selected for Pitch



When Marius the giraffe was culled in Copenhagen, it caused outrage and panic in the zoo world. This film is a furry examination asking if humans are entitled to rule the planet. 'Beast' explores the human's place in the ecosystem. It lifts the veil over the manifold aspects of our relationship with animals. How have we come to keep some in zoos, eat some as food and even portray some as role models in film?

Silas, my Silas

Christina was born with a disease that makes her almost completely blind. As a child she could see, but today she has only 3% of her vision left. The doctors had assured her that the disease is not hereditary, but when her son Silas turns 5, they discovered that they were wrong. Silas is diagnosed with the same eye disease as her and as a result, he will slowly go blind.

The Fake Will - Forgiveness and Redemption

Wildcard Denmark / The Mountain

'The Mountain' is a family portrait told through 75,000 stills, 100 hours of home videos and a 1600 kilometres superhero mission. The film explores the story of the director’s own Danish middleclass family who, on the surface, doesn't have much in common, but underneath, is inescapably tied together by the lingering effects of a 25 years old tragedy that has affected each of them differently.


The Last Relic

Thousands of kilometers from Kremlin, a group of high-minded Russians, trailed by secret agents, mobilizes to get Putin dethroned. The country’s fourth-largest city of Yekaterinburg reveals itself to be a Theatre of the Absurd, with conflicting political movements, clashing points of view and incompatible interpretations of history connecting in ways that are both tragic and comical.

The Last Relic

by Marianna Kaat / Baltic Film Production, Marianna Kaat


Game of Minds

Young gamer boys are taken to their mental limits in the demanding and pressured World of e-sports. The best mental coach, Mia, is a champion maker, and she helps the boys on a journey of self-discovery which will change their lives.

The Last of the Seagulls

Bulgarian "seagull" Ivan, 58, used to chase wealthy foreign ladies at the Sunny Beach resort. He has seen Soviets coming and leaving, Westerners flooding in and leaving again. Now, with his EU-passport, the hunter has become a bait.

The Last of the Seagulls

We are Animals

'We are Animals' depicts a decade of animal crises from the perspective of activists and authorities, through a number of lawsuits. Who will be charged and what happens when nasty photos are revealed?

Wildcard Finland / The Mission

After receiving an email from God, four American mormon teenagers leave the safety of their homes as they are sent to the other side of the world, in an attempt to convert some of Europe’s most non-religious, private & skeptical people - Finns - to their faith.


The Tower

Following the death and suicide of Reykjavik Catholic School superiors, Father George and Margret Müller, questions began emerging about their dubious past as caretakers of children. After years of trauma, these now-adults step forward and reveal the severe abuse they endured at the Catholic School, run by the Reykjavik Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church.

Wildcard Iceland / Band: This is Not a Band

'Band: This is Not a Band' is the make it or break it story of an Icelandic female band that probably will not make it and isn't really a band. They are having a hard time breaking through. Sure they get a chance to play the odd gig but they hardly ever get paid. Which would be fine if the band members were 20 something and not 40-year old mothers.


A New Kind of Wilderness

Four children lose their mother, and life takes a new turn. In mourning they are forced to leave their home, while at the same time being separated from their sister. It’s finding a way back to life, after death, all seen through the children’s eyes. The mother connects the past and the present through her stories and photos, showing that her love and memory will always be a part of them.

Article 112

The oil-rich nation of Norway is one of a few countries in the world to have an environmental article in its constitution. It will be trialed for the first time in the Norwegian Supreme Court in autumn 2020. Can the short Article 112 destroy the Norwegian welfare state? Can it bring down the powerful Norwegian oil industry? Influence climate change? And can it protect future generations?

Sound of Ice

Musician Terje Isungset's artistic universe is purely made of ice. His beautifully crafted instruments are only used once, before they melt. Global warming has made ice-music difficult. When he receives an unexpected invitation to play in China's greatest opera house, he decides to build an instrument from each of the world's most endangered glaciers. This takes him on an extraordinary journey.

White Lies

Adopted to Norway from Sri Lanka, Kine Priyangika has been looking for her mother since she was nine years old. Her dream becomes a complicated reality that leads her to an investigation into the many white lies and the consequences of international adoption.

Wildcard Norway / The Eclipse

The film’s central motif is the total solar eclipse of August 11, 1999. While the world celebrated, most of Serbia’s population barricaded themselves in their homes and nuclear bunkers, in fear of the lunar shadow


Hacking Hate

'Hacking Hate' follows investigative journalist - My Vingren - as she researches the history of online hate to understand why the far-right is so successful on the internet. What she uncovers is a Nordic noir about a bitter war between a racist internet pioneer and an Antifa hacker. A film about the fascists' path to power on the internet today.

The Gullspång Miracle

A Norwegian woman, Olaug, gets the shock of her life when she sells her Swedish vacation apartment. The buyer and her sister are also taken aback when the three of them meet in the real estate office. Olaug bears an uncanny resemblance to their deceased big sister, and a dark family secret is soon to be revealed. This is a twisted story about faith and family relations.

Wildcard Sweden / Calendar Girls

A coming of old age story about Florida’s most dedicated dance team for women over 60 – the Calendar Girls.

Winners of the War

In 2014, two students Hussein and Jenkidar pick up a camera for the first time. They film the Kurdish citizens defending themselves against ISIS. In international news, Kurds are saluted as winners of the war, but the human consequences are beyond belief. None of the fighters filmed are alive today. They all died in the war against ISIS. This is their story.

Projects Selected for Observer+


Armed with Wings

Rima slips right into the hearts of everyone she meets on her way. She is bright, cute, cool and dares to dream big. Being diagnosed with infantile autism, Rima has to find her own way into adulthood despite the closing doors she feels from society.

Moosa Lane

'Moosa Lane' is a personal account of life as a child of more than one culture and worlds. With more than 100 hours of footage shot over the course of 14 years, I follow my Pakistani family of 25 people, living under the same roof in Karachi. During numerous and long stays with the family, I get closer and closer to a parallel reality, that puts my life in Denmark into perspective.

Of Boys and Men

I was six and my cousin thirteen when we started a secret sexual relationship. I wanted to play on his computer, he wanted to explore his sexuality. The abuse went on for six years until one day I said stop. My cousin and I never talked about what happened back then. Not until now.


In the World of Colour and Shape - Maija Isola

Marimekko’s philosophy of life emerged from the fabric designs of Maija Isola, reaching architectural heights together with Maija’s large scale prints. Today, Maija Isola’s fabric designs have conquered the whole world. But who was Maija Isola? What were the values at the center of this vagabond’s life, and what kind of a legacy did she leave us?

Jörn Donner: Epilogue

In December 2019, over four days, we filmed the last interview with the author, filmmaker, and controversial public persona Jörn Donner. He only had weeks to live, and he knew it. Over six hours of interview footage Donner looked back at his life, his achievements and his mistakes. What do I leave behind? What mattered? It is his own final reckoning - an epilogue to his life.

Jörn Donner - Epilogue

by John Webster / Bufo Ltd., Mark Lwoff, Misha Jaari / Aristo-Invest, Ari Tolppanen / Hobab, Peter Krupenin



We have been filming since 2004, just after the tsunami in Sri Lanka. Many years later, my son Isac finds his birthmother, who she is now blind. After an eye surgery she’s able to see her grown son for the first time in 33 years. The eye becomes a strong metaphor for the different views of our lives and circumstances. This is a film that starts where most adoption stories would end.


The Girls of 1960

An intimate and sensitive portrait of the director’s classmates – women who were born in the year 1960. In the Soviet Union, 1960 was the year when socialism was supposed to achieve a total and complete victory. This is a story about women who were supposed to be the children of complete and total socialism, the environment they grew up in, their youth and their life nowadays.

The Girls of 1960

by Una Celma / FenixFilm, Matiss Kaza



One woman - two centuries. Irena Veisaitė, shaped by the Holocaust and Stalinist terror in Lithuania, transformed into a humanist icon of open-mindedness and compassion. The wisdom of a survivor as a modern role model for our divisive times. A film that offers a new approach to living in our times of changing values by introducing us to a woman that has drawn her very own lessons from history.


by Giedrė Žickytė / Moonmakers, Giedrė Žickytė / Agitprop Ltd., Martichka Bozhilova / Allfilm, Pille Rünk / Saxonia Entertainment GmbH, Tina Leeb


Daniel's Inferno

At the arctic islands of Svalbard, things are changing. As climate change is roaring and the ice is melting, deep underground Daniel and his fellow miners are drilling in search of coal. At surface, giant cruise ships with Chinese and American tourists are flocking the landscape. Scientists are drilling the ice and searching the stars for answers. Everything is not what it used to be.

Mina, Martine, the Crooks and the Sàmi Motorcycle Club

Mina and Martine want to make a difference and get deeply involved on a personal level in the process. They fight for the belief that everyone has the right to get a second chance in life. No matter how big mistakes you’ve made before. When you are all in, like these two women are – you also get vulnerable. Mina and Martine will not come unmarked from their mission.

North South Man Woman

War games and love games, propaganda and courtship, isolation and community, analogue and digital, acceptance and rejection, mirror each other in the matchmaking industry of a nation and a person separated from its “better half”.

North South Man Woman

by Morten Traavik, Sun Kim / Studio Kozlovsky AS, Morten Traavik / VFS Films, Uldis Cekulis

Rahčan - Ella's Riot

Ella is a young Sàmi musician and activist who wants to save her homeland from destruction. A company will open a mine on Sami land and dump the waste in the fjord. Ella decides to fight back. Her weapon is her voice. But under her powerful surface, linger questions that challenge her identity. In 2020, her career takes a serious hit. Will Ella manage to gather strength and rise against the mine?

Still at Sea

In 2014, a group of friends flee Syria, cross the Mediterranean seeking asylum in Europe, their last hope for life and freedom from persecution and fear. George Kurian followed their journey in the film 'The Crossing'. Six years on, as they learn to cope with the emotional trauma that comes with war, they also struggle with settling into a new country, learning languages, retraining for jobs, and starting a new life.

The Tax War

We need to better balance our tax system. Multinational companies and the wealthiest should contribute in proportion to their ability and pay their fair share of taxes. The corona crisis, that all countries are experiencing today, may help put the problems we face into the spotlight and create a change.

The Tax War

by Hege Dehli / Mechanix Film AS, Hege Dehil / Pinball Film, Joan Grossman


Children of Camp Ashraf

Hanif, Parwin and Amir are three of the children sent to Sweden in the 1990s by parents in the Marxist-Islamist People's Mujahedin. The social services place them with the terrorist-designated sect, which raises them as soldiers. A film about an untold scandal, addressing the most urgent issues of our time: exile, identity, radicalization and our inability to see the needs of vulnerable children.

Corona Film Club - My Life as a Film with Stig Björkman

What does a man, who has dedicated over 70 years of his life to live in the world of movies, do, when that whole world suddenly shuts down, with film productions stopping and cinemas closing down?


'Elevated' is the touching and humorous story of a group of outcasts who find each other through their love of elevators. Together, they struggle to create an elevator museum in the United States’ heartland, a niche point of interest that can be their very own Disneyland.


'Legacy' is a documentary film that becomes a societal portrait and music documentary all in one. A movie about family and politics, about complicated father and kids' relationships that span continents and skin tones. The nucleus of all of their stories is their love for, and faith in, the music.


'Unkilled' is a feature-length animated documentary, told through documentary audio in combination with graphic stop-motion animation. The film explores the system of detaining migrants, where people are imprisoned without being charged for a crime. It shows how different systems of controlling migrants work and are linked together, internationally and historically.