Nordic Streamers – Meet the Doc Players


On May 25 2022 we hosted our first seminar of the season in collaboration with Nordisk Film & TV Fond on the Nordic Streamers. The seminar focussed on some of the strong players in the Nordic broadcast and streaming landscape who are not public broadcasters. What are they looking for? How and when do they come on board? What is their process?


Ruth Reid / In-House Producer, Original Programming / HBO Max Nordic
Nicole Nielsen Horanyi / Head of Documentary / Viaplay/NENT
Pálmi Guðmundsson / VP of Content / Síminn
Andreas Fay / Head of Acquisition / VGTV

Moderated by Cecilia Lidin

Watch the Seminar here

Previous Seminars

We have previously hosted online seminars on the collaboration between TV and director/producer teams in the making of a creative doc and another on streaming strategies, providing an in-depth look at what is going on behind the screens at the Nordic pubcasters. These seminars were attended by more than 300 documentary professionals across the Nordic countries and beyond.

We are excited to continue the collaboration with Nordisk Film & TV Fond to keep the conversation ongoing in the Nordic documentary community. The Nordisk Panorama webinars are arranged in continuation of Nordisk Film & TV Fond’s “Audiovisual Collaboration 2021” to continue the strategic discussions kickstarted last year, amongst other events, at the NP Town Hall.

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