Little to Big

Little to Big

A much loved guinea pig has been put down. Someone has been dissed by their first, big love. And out in the shimmering summer archipelago, a little girl carries a terrible secret. We eavesdrop on a Swedish helpline for children and young people who need someone to listen.

This film is playing as part of the Library Programme: Young Hearts Can’t Always Run Free.

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Library Programme: Young Hearts Can’t Always Run Free

Thursday, September 21st – Tuesday, September 26th

Malmö City Library & Oxie Library

Premiere Status: Malmö
Country: Sweden
Duration: 20′

Director(s): Ellen Fiske & Ellinor Hallin
Producer(s): Ellinor Hallin & Ellen Fiske
Script: Ellen Fiske & Ellinor Hallin
Cinematography: Ellinor Hallin
Editing: Karolina Bengtsson
Sound: Ted Krotkiewski