May Film Tips

Despite great strides made by the international women’s rights movement over many years, women and girls around the world are still suffering inequality in all fields and their freedoms as well as their bodies are politicised and curtailed.

This month, we are shinning a light on women’s rights through stories about the issues women face in the Nordic countries as well as globally.

Kitchen Sink Revolution by Halla Kristín Einarsdóttir shows us how the the women’s liberation movement bravely entered candidates for city council in Reykjavík. Little did they know that sixteen years later the Women’s Alliance would still be in parliament working to change the way we think about equality, democracy and tyranny. What happens when a feisty grassroots movement invades the system?

In Leaving Africa by Iiris Härmä, we follow Riitta, a Finnish doctor, who has been working in Uganda for more than 25 years. With her Ugandan friend, Catherine, she brings sex education to Ugandan villages.  A film about the quest for gender equality in Africa and the world’s greatest challenge – the population explosion.

In Embryo, Emma Thorsander guides us through women’s stories about abortion experiences. An atmospherically charged documentary about what still is a sensitive and taboo subject.

Kids Corner

Why should adults have all the fun miss out on great film tips? Now they don’t have to, as we introduce ‘Kids Corner’, which will be featured every month alongside our themed film tips.

A corner for children and childlike souls everywhere – enjoy!

This month’s film is Guri Gursjen & Gursjan Gru by Eirik Aude & Johanne Anda about two lonely punk rockers in the big city.

April Film Tips

From an imaginary, but possibly very real, visit from outer space to a factory where laughter is fabricated, this month’s films shed some light on what it means to be human.

Human by Thomas A Østbye

A short documentary, which examines what happens when you take a person from their familiar surroundings and place them in a neutral context.

Ha Ha Ha by Samuli Valkama

Genuine laughter doesn’t exist and has been replaced by a canned version simply called the ‘Haw Haw’. What does it mean to truly laugh?

The Visit by Michael Madsen

An imaginary meeting between man and intelligent life from outer space. The film explores a first contact scenario, which looks at who we are, what we are and how we behave.