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November 2016

Lots of Nordic Docs at IDFA – Meet Us There

At IDFA, the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, (16-27 November) more than 30 films from the Nordic countries can be enjoyed in the different sections of the festival and we are proud that half of them have been part of Nordisk Panorama as a project or finished film!

The Nordic countries are also very well represented at the IDFA Forum with 12 Nordic projects + 5 minor Nordic co-productions out of a total of 60 projects in the official selection, which means that no less than 28% of the projects have Nordic input. This goes to show that Nordic docs are thriving! We are proud to say that 8 of these projects have previously been presented at Nordisk Panorama Forum.

We congratulate all films and projects selected and look forward to following them at IDFA. The Nordisk Panorama team will be in Amsterdam promoting Nordic docs. We are available as your Nordic point of contact, so don’t be a stranger.

Director Søren Poulsen, programme manager Maja Lindquist, forum manager Christina Jul Gregersen and forum coordinator Lea Maria Strandbæk Sørensen will be at IDFA. Christina will work as a matchmaker, facilitating interaction between forum participants. Please find our contact info here, to set up a meeting if there’s anything we can help you with.

Check Out the Photos from this Year’s Festival & Save the Date for 2017

Nordisk Panorama Film Festival took place during six intense days in September. If you just can’t wait for next year’s Nordisk Panorama or you want to look back on great times at the festival, then check out our selection of photos on Facebook to enjoy some of the golden moments of Nordisk Panorama 2016!

Don’t forget to save the date for 2017: 21-26 September. As a new thing in 2017, we will kickstart the festival a day earlier with our grand opening taking place already on Thursday evening the 21st of September, giving more room for the many great films and activities during the festival. Join us in Malmö in 2017.

We Would Love to Hear Your Input for Nordisk Panorama

This year’s Nordisk Panorama Film Festival was a great succes. We had a rise in audience attendance in the cinemas of 37 % and our financing forum as well as our market place experienced a huge interest from industry professionals.

We already got some very valuable feedback from many of you who attended the festival through our surveys. Getting your input of things you loved about us is always very encouraging and we deeply appreciate that so many of you take the time to tell us. Thank you for that.

Getting your critical comments and brilliant ideas for Nordisk Panorama in the future is of the utmost importance to us and it is of great value to the hard work we do for your benefit.

From now until Christmas we will be scrutinizing our operations looking for ways to improve what we do and increase the value it may create for you. So please come forward with your thoughts to

Meet Us in Winterthur

Nordisk Panorama’s Market Manager Jing Haase has been invited to Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur to moderate the seminar “How Does a Film Market Work?” on Friday 11 November 15:15 at Alte Kaserne. The seminar is part of the Industry Lab and this year’s theme is Work in Progress.

On the panel will be: Stephanie McArthur / Hot Docs International Documentary Festival (CAN), Sylvain Vaucher / Swiss Films (SUI), Roger Gonin / Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival (FRA).

Jing will be in Winterthur 10-13 November.

NP Promotes Nordic Shorts in China

Market Manager Jing Haase will attend the International Short Film Market at China International New Media Short Film Festival in Shenzhen, China. She will join Jukka-Pekka Laakso and Tampere Film Festival at a stand on the market to promote and market Nordic short films and the Nordic Short Film Festival Network.

Jing will be in China 24-29 November. To set up a meeting with her, come by the stand, send an email or contact her at +45 3132 0212.

Names in the News

Who’s where now. Here are some of the headlines about names in the news:

Two New Consultants at The Swedish Film Institute
Tore Tomter to Leave NRK
Mette Hoffmann Meyer has Left DR

Congratulations to the Nordic Award Winners of 2016

Nordic short films and documentaries take home awards all over the world. Check out the Nordic short and doc award winners of 2016 here. If your film receives an award this year, please let us know.

Dates & Deadlines Coming Up

Don’t be late! Find upcoming international deadlines for shorts & docs festivals, workshops, funding opportunities and much more here!



October 2016 – Festival After Blast


The 2016 festival in review, and an invitation to save the dates 21-26 September in 2017 for the Nordisk Panorama Film Festival next year in Malmö, Sweden.

The 27th annual Nordisk Panorama Film Festival in Malmö for the fourth consecutive year exceeded our most optimistic expectations thanks to a continuously growing audience from Malmö combined with film professionals from 39 countries.

This year´s festival audience in cinema increased by 37% compared to 2015, thus surpassing our highly set goal in regards to attract a bigger audience into cinematic experiences. Furthermore, it feels very good to have passed the 15 000 audience count when including all events arranged during the 2016 Film Festival. This is an increase of 13% since 2015 and 43% since 2014.

In the cinemas we screened some of the greatest and most important Nordic short and documentary film productions and narratives produced in 2015 and 2016, and at Forum and Market we provided a platform aimed at the future for funding, distribution, feedback, collaboration and experience exchange.

As previously communicated during the final days of the 2016 festival we proudly announced the Best Nordic Documentary winner Don Juan [Sweden/Finland] directed by Jerzy Sladkowski, the Best Nordic Short Film winner Forgotten Reason [Sweden] directed by Peter Larsson, the Best New Nordic Voice winner Front View of my Father [Denmark] directed by Nicoline Skotte Jacobsen, the Nordisk Panorama Audience Award winner Yarn [Iceland, Poland] directed by Thordur Jonsson, Heather Millard & Una Lorenzen as well as the Children’s Choice Award winner Ruth [Iceland/Poland] directed by Hanna Heilborn.


The market was buzzing with over 100 international decision-makers from more than 25 countries, making great use of the screening facilities, the closed screenings, one-to-one meetings, Work-in-Progress presentations and Outlook Sessions.


A record number of more than 300 professionals from 25 countries attended Nordisk Panorama Forum 2016. 24 projects pitched at NP Forum to more than 70 decision-makers while 22 projects were presented in one-to-one meetings. An all time high of more than 570 pre-booked meetings compared to last year’s 510 took place over the two afternoons of the forum. We are looking forward to following the projects, seeing the results and hopefully welcoming back the finished films at Nordisk Panorama Film Festival.


 2016 Special Programme

The 2016 Special Programme focused on the themes Young Nordics, Special industry programme, Norway in focus, Swedish sin, Digital disruption, Animation and the 24 hour cinematic life puzzle and challenged the norms and spectrums of storytelling by taking the festival to new venues and domains.

To mention a few highlights we, with Pool Cinema, brought the film media to unknown waters by combining the pleasures of swimming and film watching, and in the Malmö streets we attracted more than 150 people to join our “A Wall is a Screen” tour. At Blå Båten we were spell bound listening to Aslaug Holm and Sara Broos at the annual “Our Dinner With…” event, at Spegeln we got the audience into a Knit-A-long screening and at Stadsarkivet we delivered thought provoking out of body experiences through the magic of virtual reality. All of which are covered in our recently published photo albums on Facebook (links below).

Norway in Focus

In 2016 the spotlight was on Norway, a country as diverse and norm challenging as its fairy tale like landscape. Who would have thought that Slow TV and an intense chess drama would attract attention from all corners of the world? It all comes down to dedication, and the belief in what you do and the value of doing it. Aslaug Holm spent 10 years recording her two sons’ childhood, covering every aspect from love to laugh and struggle to sorrow. Long before her, Thor Heyerdahl put his life at risk in an attempt to test his scientific theories by crossing the Pacific Sea. In more modern times, far away from stormy and shark-infested waters, Paul S Refsdal faced another fear while living with suicide bombers in an endeavour to grasp their perception of the world. They all compromised their lives in one way or another to deliver to the society a better understanding of the world – a true testament to dedication and to the love of knowledge and curiosity. Norway, we admire you.

For a full summary Nordisk Panorama Film Festival 2016, please visit “2016 in Review”.




September 2016

Nordisk Panorama Film Festival 2016 Winners Announced

The 27th annual Nordisk Panorama Film Festival Winners were announced during the spectacular Awards Gala tonight at Malmö Town Hall. For five days the Jury Members and the local audience have selected the best new Nordic Documentaries and Short Films – almost 100 films divided into four categories. The winners are:


Best Nordic Documentary

Don Juan [Sweden/Finland]
Director: Jerzy Sladkowski

For its dedication to “pure cinema”, for its honesty and visual beauty a unanimous jury give this award to “Don Juan”. This deeply moving love story was placed on our doorsteps with such a sensitive gaze and care with characters who were compelling and authentic although with rough edges. We all should hope to meet and/or have a Tania in our life. We loved it!

Grit Lemke, DOK Leipzig [Germany], Chris Hastings, World Channel [USA], Camilla Nielsson, Winner of Best Nordic Documentary Award 2015 [Denmark].

About the Award
The Best Nordic Documentary Award is presented by the documentary jury to one of the 14 films in the Nordic Documentary Competition. The award goes to the director(s) of the film.

14 documentaries competed for the Nordic Documentary Award.

Sponsored by
The prize sum is 11,000 € and is sponsored by the Nordic public broadcasters DR, YLE, RUV, NRK and SVT.


Best Nordic Short Film

Forgotten Reason [Sweden]
Director: Peter Larsson

A hypnotic journey into the darkest of forests. Within an atmosphere of ambiguity, the phantasmagoric suggestion of figures, faces and ominous sound, in interaction with the landscape, invokes a space for immersive personal interpretation. An unforgettable nightmare.

Lydia Beilby, Edinburgh International Film Festival [UK], Eva Schweizer, SRF [Switzerland], Einar Baldvin, Winner of the Best Nordic Short Film Award 2015 [Iceland].

About the Award
The Best Nordic Short Film Award is presented by the short film jury to one of the 26 films in the Nordic Short Film Competition. The prize-winning film will qualify for consideration in the Short Film Category of the Annual Academy Awards® without the standard theatrical run, provided that the film otherwise complies with the Academy rules. The award goes to the director(s) of the film.

26 short films competed for the Nordic Short Film Award.

Sponsored by
The prize sum of 7,000 € is sponsored by the Nordic directors’ associations Danish Film Directors, Directors Guild of Finland, Guild of Icelandic Film Directors, Norwegian Film Makers Association and Swedish Film Directors.


Best New Nordic Voice

Front View of my Father [Denmark]
Director: Nicoline Skotte Jacobsen

The award for Best New Nordic Voice goes to a distinct artistic voice which, interestingly, creates a very intimate and tender atmosphere through a staged setting. This methodology adds an honesty to the project, which maybe feels more real than a conventional realistic approach. With a subtle playful seriousity the director approaches a subject of lost and longing for intimacy in a brave and innovative manner. The jury is happy to see a father-daughter relationship in focus, something we seldom see in film. We award a film that draws on performance tradition and process based film, but moves it forward. The winner leaves the jury with tears in our eyes and makes us want to call our fathers – the winner of Best New Nordic Voice is “Front View of My Father”.

Birgitte Weinberger, Odense Film Festival [Denmark], Oscar Eriksson, Folkets Bio [Sweden], Ane Hjort Guttu, New Nordic Voice Special Mention 2015 [Norway].

About the Award
The New Nordic Voices Competition introduces promising Nordic filmmakers. The filmmakers’ works have not previously been screened in the Nordisk Panorama competition programme, and selected films are among the first releases by the filmmaker.

The Best New Nordic Voice Award is presented by the New Nordic Voices jury to one of the 10 films in the New Nordic Voices Competition. The award goes to the director(s) of the film.

10 films competed for the New Nordic Voices Award.

Sponsored by
The prize sum is 3,500 € and is sponsored by regional film centres.


Nordisk Panorama Audience Award

Yarn [Iceland, Poland]
Directors: Thordur Jonsson, Heather Millard & Una Lorenzen

The Nordisk Panorama Film Festival 2016 audience by voting

About the Award
To win the prize of the audience of Nordisk Panorama Film Festival is among the finest appreciation a filmmaker can get.

The audience can vote for any of the Nordic short films and documentaries competing in the main competition programme and the new Nordic films in the special programmes using the voting cards handed out after the screenings.

Sponsored by
The NP Audience Award prize sum is 2,500 € and is sponsored by the City of Malmö.


Thank you to all the competing films, jurys and audience.

/ The Nordisk Panorama Team