Football Match

Anyone who watches The Home Game, an uplifting Icelandic documentary about an amateur football team’s quest for glory, will be inspired to take to the field. Fortunately, Nordisk Panorama invites one and all to come and play in our first ever Nordisk Panorama football match.

From Cinema Panora, we’ll march down to a nearby football field and face off against one of Malmö’s own teams — Lokomotiv Wärldshuset — in what will certainly be the most exciting game of amateur football ever played at a film festival. 

Everyone is invited to play or watch and cheer the Nordisk Panorama team onto victory.

No tickets are required for this event.

Come to the event:

Football Match

Saturday, September 23rd, 15:00

Sorgenfri Football Field

 Our afternoon of football will start with the international premiere of The Home Game at Cinema Panora Saturday 23/9 at 13.00.