Arne Meets Death

Arne möter Döden

Greedy Arne is about to die and sets out on a last journey with Death to sort things out. A black and white road movie by Lars Vega set in northern Sweden.

This film is playing as part of Beyond the Veil .

See the film:

Beyond the Veil + Q&A

Saturday, September 23rd, 16:00

Cinema Panora, Salon 3

Beyond the Veil + Q&A

Sunday, September 24th, 10:00

Cinema Spegeln, Salon B

Competition: Best Nordic Short Film
Premiere Status: Malmö
Country: Sweden
Duration: 29′

Director(s): Lars Vega
Producer(s): Claes Hedlund
Script: Lars Vega
Cinematography: Christian Karlsen
Editing: Lars Vega
Sound: Jakob Strandgård